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Killer Frost was shown to get along well with King Shark. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Whatever. At all.". Killer Frost was first seen robbing a bank for cash only to be apprehended by the GCPD.

During the infiltration of Arkham Asylum, Killer Frost located the Riddler via a computer in the Security Room. Killer Frost Frost eventually woke up in a secured room alongside the other Suicide Squad members with her hands bound together in a metallic mechanism. Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Batman: Assault on Arkham, I'm just borrowing them awhile.

Captain Boomerang leered. After fighting her way through inmates and Two Face, Frost tries to escape in a police vehicle but ends up being caught by Bane who throws the vehicle with her inside into the hills next to Deadshot causing the impact to make the engine explode killing her in such a shame.

Despite Deadshot and Bronze Tiger being successfully abducted by Captain Rick Flag under Waller's orders, the mission was ultimately a failure as Batman was able to defeat Catwoman and recapture Bane. Frost grit her teeth, but managed a calm, "Yes?". They, along with Deadshot and that traitorous bitch Harley Quinn, had been the only survivors of a team sent in to Arkham Asylum to retrieve a item, though in fact they had been sent to assassinate a target. We're done. After meeting with Penguin in the Iceberg Lounge, Frost was contacted by Weller in the Museum Lobby on a private asssignment.

After getting into Arkham undetected, she was sealed inside a bag topless as Captain Boomerang carried her into the Morgue where a male doctor who was interested in her topless body ends up being grabbed by the icy seductress who kisses him while freezing him and she shoves him to the floor, breaking his frozen  head which kills him leaving Boomerang to take out the other doctor. Left with no other options, Killer Frost attempted to fight them off, although she ended up subdued.

Louise assumed the identity of Killer Frost out of mourning and wrath for her friend's death at the hands of superheroes and became a murderous vigilante as a result. Neither mission had worked out as planned, and worse the Joker escaped and a full blown prison riot went off. However, despite their best efforts, King Shark could not survive the procedure due to his skin being too tough for the electricity to have any impact on his tracker. Batman: Arkham Asylum - The Road to Arkham, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Characters, Batman: Arkham Knight Comic Book Characters,

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The Louise Lincoln version of Killer Frost appeared in the animated movie, Batman: Assault on Arkham. She was embued with cryokinetic abilities, which allowed her to commit several crimes.

As they reached the intensive treatment building and accessed the evidence locker, she took interest in Mr.

"If you and another sheila get together, can I watch?"


"BOOMER YOU DICK!" She then was briefed in regards to the mission to break into Arkham Asylum to retrieve data stolen by the Riddler, although she was secretly entrusted with assassinating him.

After gearing up there, Frost was contacted on a secure line by Waller and was given the secret task of assassinating the Riddler, unbeknownst to the rest of the team. There was a moment of silence as they both rested, then Captain Boomerang asked her, "Hey, Frost?".

Deathstroke with a sign up list for the first Suicide Squad.

", "I said I'm not interested," Frost decided to add, "In men. As insurance against them potentially rebelling, she also equipped them with a tracker in their necks that acted as a powerful nanoexplosive with enough destructive capability to decapitate them. After being brought to Weller, she questioned her about the bombs inside her neck. Batman: Assault on Arkham. This lead to a fight in the confiscated property room, where Batman used the confusion to switch costumes with Black Spider; Frost took advantage of this to find Riddler. She was embued with cryokinetic abilities, which allowed her to commit several crimes.

Freeze's gun and when Batman shows up, she tries to ice him with the gun fueled by her ice powers but ends up freezing her boyfriend by mistake.

Special gauntlets kept her from using her ice powers, though that hadn't stopped her before... "Hey, it wasn't my fault!" I don't own any of these characters and I make no profit from them. Appearances: 25 images (& sounds) of the Batman: Assault on Arkham cast of characters.

Batman: Assault on Arkham is an animated movie that was released August 2014 and is an adaptation of Rocksteady's Arkham Series. Batman: Assault on Arkham (Video 2014) Jennifer Hale as Killer Frost Louise Lincoln, better known as Killer Frost, was a metahuman criminal and a member of the Suicide Squad.

Catching Frost, who was convinced by Riddler to let him diffuse the nano-bombs, the Squad decided to spare him.

After staking out Wayne's movements for nine hours, they attacked his car, thinking to pluck the billionaire out of it once it was disabled, however, when the window rolled down, they met Batman instead. Filming & Production While Captain Boomerang and Deadshot were arguing with eachother, Frost noticed that Batman was in the hallway with them and knocks out Boomerang for attacking him.

Frost sat back with a sigfh. The story takes place between Arkham OriginsBlackgate and Arkham Asylum.

Three and a half months after Batman: Arkham Origins, Amanda Waller arranged for a prison break and sent Catwoman into Blackgate in an attempt to recruit Bane into the Suicide Squad.

Batman: Assault on Arkham Edit.

After the Joker's defeat, Amanda Waller came to Deathstroke to recruit him into the Suicide Squad.

Batman: Assault on Arkham. However, after killing the medical examiner by kissing him and freezing his head and then dropping him on the floor, she exacted revenge on Captain Boomerang by kneeing him in the crotch (as he had to knock on her "coffin" in order to have his claim that she was a corpse check out hard enough for her to feel discomfort).

GCPD arrived to take control of the Asylum, but Joker escaped during the chaos, releasing every last patient from captivity. Killer Frost aka Louis Lincoln is an ice powered supervillain and a member of the Suicide Squad. She worked as a member of the Suicide Squad on a mission to assassinate the Riddler.

Portrayed by: Fortunately with the help of King Shark and Killer Frost's guidence, the Suicide Squad was able to get inside the medical building and with Riddlers help of using the electrical chairs, he was able to defuse the bombs inside their necks except King Shark whose skin was too thick for the electrical current to reach and ends up getting his head blown off by Weller along with the real Black Spider whom Batman switched places with until Riddler and the others suspected him out.

Break the gauntlets on something then...? It took a second for Boomerang to process that. in battle after her escape car left her behind before she was apprehended and forced to join the Suicide Squad. |

Aftermath "Well, this is another fine mess you've gotten us into," Killer Frost sighed as she looked up at the ceiling of the medical ward. Free of Amanda Waller and their explosive collars, Harley Quinn, at the direction of her new partner, Penguin, reformed the Suicide Squad. She eventually escaped after the Joker interfered, although not before learning that Black Spider was actually being impersonated by Batman, and Quinn ended up returning to the Joker. Best to get the biggest meat shield around on my side.". After getting the plan to get into Arkham from the Penguin (as well as narrowly evading a shootout with Penguin after the latter discovered Harley Quinn's presence among the group), she observed Batman's interrogation of Harley Quinn (learning as a result Joker's hiding a stolen dirty bomb inside Gotham) she posed as a cadaver while Captain Boomerang, posing as an EMT, delivered her into Arkham under the pretense that she had died. The group was sent to the Iceberg Lounge, where Cobblepot provided armaments and a place to stay the night, along with the arrangements to get into "the crazy farm". However, the latter proceeded to knock on her head three times hard enough to give her discomfort in order to sell the act, which resulted in her, after awakening and killing the orderly, proceeding to exact revenge by kneeing him in the groin.

During the fall, Frost's parachute malfunctioned, she crashed into King Shark, and the two of them landed on top of a parked vehicle that was crushed on impact. Killer Frost

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. After being deployed into Gotham by air drop, she was saved from falling by King Shark who then falls in love with her. Around the time Amanda Waller requested the use of the Suicide Squad again, Killer Frost was conducting a bank robbery, where she proceeded to freeze several people in the bank solid, including a woman with a dog.

Notes: Yeah, being silly pretty much.

"Well, this is another fine mess you've gotten us into," Killer Frost sighed as she looked up at the ceiling of the medical ward.

KGBeast thought Waller was bluffing about the bombs, and subsequently lost his life in testing his theory. I'm also writing Louise Lincon aka Killer Frost as a hybrid of both animated and comic book versions.

Assault on Arkham Incident., When discovering that the Joker had stolen a dirty bomb and hid it inside Gotham, she mentioned that the idea gave her the chills and Captain Boomerang expressed disgust at her use of an ice-related pun. As Batman goes after the Joker, Killer Frost, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang split up to find a way out.

Company Credits Frost asked, wondering if she could use her ice powers to escape. As usual, Killer Frost is voiced by Jennifer Hale reprising her role from previous DC animated works since the Justice League. The Suicide Squad (also known as Task Force X) is a corrupt government funded organization which is composed of an anti-hero team of incarcerated supervillains who act as deniable assets for the United States government, undertaking high-risk black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences.

"But... you and Shark!" Whether she survived is unknown. KGBeast thought Waller was bluffing about the bombs, and subsequently lost his life in testing his theory. She was embued with cryokinetic abilities, which allowed her to commit several crimes. Alignment: In the original comics, Louise Lincoln was a scientist who willingly transformed herself into a superhuman after the death of her close friend, Crystal Snow, the original Killer Frost. Frost growled, throwing a pillow at him. Frost was snuck into Arkham Asylum through the Arkham Morgue in a body bag naked by a disguised Captain Boomerang.

Jennifer Hale He worked as a member of the Suicide Squad that was sent on a mission to assassinate the Riddler. Batman: Assault on Arkham. Batman: Assault on Arkham (Video 2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. This caused enough chaos to make the rest of the group disband and go their seperate ways, with Deadshot succeeding in escaping, while Harley and Boomerang were captured. After being briefed alongside the rest of the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller, Frost was gassed and woke up locked to a metal chair that was soon after enclosed in a metal crate that was dropped into Gotham City via aircraft.

Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang were brought in, along with new recruits Killer Frost, King Shark, Black Spider and KGBeast.

Killer Frost possessed the power of Thermokinetic Cryokinesis: the ability to generate dangerously low temperatures from her body, freeze people at will, and convert heat into cold.


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