big brother 7

Despite any efforts made by Shane, nothing saved him and he was evicted from the game in the first unanimous vote of the season, 11-0. Eric found it no use to force a tie, being that Miggy would evict Sigrid anyways. Aubrey pointed out how she was a constant target and underdog, but she still managed to maneuver her way and win competitions when it need be. On the 8th of August, 2020, Abby announced to the public that Big Brother: Off the Block would be renewed for their 7th season. Max and Diana typically shrugged off the insults, with Max even stating in the diary room, "These bitches are angry because we outplayed them, and they can't handle it! Darren also became a member, which caused a 9 person alliance and it contained all of Kelley's team. Whitney, began to impress everybody because she was actually performing well in a challenge for once.

Despite her rocky relationship with Elaina, Sigrid decided it would be best to nominate Anjaya and Max side by side. If one of them came down, Anjaya was going to be considered as a renomination and a potential backdoor. ", After a few moments of cheering with Miggy's arrival the doorbell rang again. After all the decision making was made for the HOH competition, the houseguests went back inside. She also tears up at the fact that not only was she nominated, but also put on slop the entire week. The first question only tricked Carl and Elaina, causing them to be eliminated first. Many people, namely Anjaya and Kelley voiced that James was the forefront of the Anti-Vet Alliance and it would be best to eliminate him to allow the others to scatter and scramble. To her face, they agreed with her but Aubrey claimed she wanted revenge, and Miggy secretly wanted to keep the vets around especially if he needed a desperate alliance to fall back on. claimed Whitney in the diary room. Kelley rejoiced in her victory and celebrated with her fellow alliance members.
exclaimed Sigrid. With Elaina's vote the final vote would be tied, but Diana would make the final decision. Anjaya scored the lowest and was eliminated. Eventually by the eviction day, everybody was fed up with Elaina's ball-baby attitude and they evicted her unanimously 6-0, making her the third member of the jury. Miggy and Aubrey managed to stay on for a long time. "Remember Kelley losing the fan vote for All-Stars?" The 12 remaining houseguests are standing on the ground as Julie explains they will be competing in teams this year. Since Sigrid won the veto, she wanted to see what Aubrey was thinking and if she potentially wanted to send Anjaya or Max out the door over Diana. The next round was Kelley vs Whitney vs Max vs Paula. Some told a lot about themselves, such as Diana who seemed very warm and welcoming.

He made this pitch to Miggy, and Miggy listened, but Miggy wanted to stay loyal to WAM and he saw Sigrid a much bigger threat than Aubrey. In the first round, it was Aubrey vs Miggy vs Sigrid vs Anjaya. Miggy believed that if Whitney was sitting next to Sigrid, Sigrid would be going home for sure. On the day of the eviction, Paula stayed calm in her eviction speech, but both Aubrey and J.J. made promising pleas to potential swing votes. I'm sick of Elaina's entitled ass and self-centered personality!" Aubrey brought up the potential that Kelley would be nominated. Team Two consisted of Anjaya, Eric, and Aubrey. Eric and Whitney failed miserably, causing many hilarious scenes for the viewers. Aubrey was very excited to hold this power and she immediately went to her closest ally, Kelley, and told her about it. The twists varied each week with some being more severe than others. Aubrey believed it would be best to safe to save the power until next week when it ends. Sigrid often complained to Elaina and Whitney how she was sick and tired of working in the Anti-Vet alliance and this made Shane grew worrisome of Sigrid's loyalties. Many people in the Vets Alliance began to become worried namely Kelley. Lied straight to my face! Eventually, it was time to draw players for the veto competition. J.J. and Shane continue their celebration and eventually begin to discuss targets. Kelley seemed very nonchalant and worry free going into the competition. Off The Block Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He also noted how Elaina was much more emotional to being nominated than Whitney, and that could pose a potential threat to the overall plan. Team Miggy finished second and quickly afterwards Team Max placed third. Elaina moped on and on about how she felt isolated from the group and she wasn't making special connections.
Both Whitney and Sigrid claim in the diary room that they are sick of Elaina's entitlement and how she acts like everything should be handed to her. Diana stressed that she did not want to waste her HOH with an Elaina or Whitney eviction, but she devised a plan. Others stayed more reserved about certain topics, like Elaina and her rich family or Darren and his success as an actor on Broadway. The competition came down to Paula and Whitney, but it was Whitney who shockingly won her first competition of the summer! Despite being his only two remaining team members, Miggy agreed to the plan. Following Shane's eviction, the houseguests competed individually in a challenge called, Loopy Memory, and it required the houseguests to answer questions about looped videos from events in the house that were shown to them the previous day. BigBrotherFanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Aubrey, Darren, and Elaina were locked as the nominees.

Now that Miggy was HOH, he decided this was the best time to solidify an endgame alliance. Returning Players- Four former contestants will be returning to the Big Brother house. After the veto ceremony, Shane knew he was in deep trouble. They wanted to form the Anti-Veteran Alliance but they knew they needed numbers, but also needed to be careful who they talked too because some newbies were already getting very close with the vets. ^2 In Week 2 due to unavoidable external factors, Luna was removed from the game. He looked at the ladies in front of him and said, "I have worked closely with the both of you for a long duration in this game. Paula, Aubrey, Miggy, Elaina, Carl, and Anjaya were chosen to compete in the veto competition called, Ball Pit HOH. Miggy claimed in the diary room, "I'm so stoked to be back! Shane nominated Kelley and Aubrey for eviction, citing that they had a very strong bond with one another and Shane felt that their partnership was the biggest threat to him. Julie explained how Big Brother has produced some of the most memorable and competitive houseguests this game has ever seen.


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