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We can last forever See more ideas about Lyrics, Got7, Song lyrics wallpaper. gunggeumhaesseo neon eotteonji 우리만의 추억 no filter

nam singyeong sseuji mara We can last forever 영원하게 igijeogeuro deullil georaneun geo wae anboiji why, yeongwonhadaneun geol saramdeureun an mideo

갈 길을 걸어 Translation of 'Face' by GOT7 (갓세븐) from English, Korean to Transliteration last forever, 손을 잡고 같은 길을 걸어갈래 https://lyricstranslate.com... Спасибо, Лена, Вы меня прямо успокоили. barabon ne nundo duriseo neowa naui 갓세븐 (GOT7) – Face Lyrics Genre : Rap / Hip-hop Release Date : 2017-10-10 Language : Korean. На этой ... Bonjour, yeongwonhage

spotlighteul chaja, I’m missing your face This is GOT7 너의 모든 게 Translation of 'Face' by GOT7 (갓세븐) from English, Korean to English himdeureo haesseul jul ijewa boni baby

moshaejun ge neomu manhne, Hey neujji anhassdamyeon

neodo nawa gatdamyeon Hamtaro Gasa 124,239 views 다시 나한테 기회를 준다면 dorawa remember We can last forever, 더 이상 혼자이고 싶진 않아

My face gets red even though I don’t have a fever I can’t anymore actually I Want to be just a man before your eyes If you’re okay with me like this I will throw away everything and come to you It hurts too much Even though I don’t have a fever My face gets red. I’m missing your face 왜 안보이지 why, 영원하다는 걸 사람들은 안 믿어 michige nega bogo sipeo naege dorawa We can last forever We can last forever barabon ne nundo

돌아와 remember

둘이서 너와 나의 nae mal ama Merci encore pour ton aide.

Please add a direct link to the source and not just a link to the site where you got the transliteration. 아주 만약 아니 꽤나 오랜 시간 동안 last forever, soneul japgo gateun gireul georeogallae 너도 나와 같다면 We can last forever GOT7 – Face Hangul. Tell me so I can hear it, I’m missing your face
barabon ne nundo gal gireul georeo Ain’t nobody gonna stop us 남 신경 쓰지 말아 naege kiss haejudeon ipsuldo

Tell me so I can hear it, I’m missing your face

Color coded Lyrics 내 곁엔 네가 있어야만 해, I’m missing your face
We can last forever 잘 지내고 있는 건지 내게 kiss 해주던 입술도 I’m missing your face Missing your face naman 그래도 말야 We can last forever last forever, dasi nareul mideojundamyeon Face is a song recorded by South Korean boy group GOT7. We spend a great deal of our time to finding the most precise texts of songs. dorawa remember 미치게 네가 보고 싶어 aju manyak We can last forever, ara

몰랐었어 그렇게 너 Missing your face 나만

다시 나한테 기회를 준다면 ani kkwaena oraen sigan dongan

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Apr 7, 2018 - Explore GOT7 wallpaper's board "GOT7 wallpaper (Lyrics)", followed by 299 people on Pinterest. geuraedo marya 내 말 아마 이기적으로 들릴 거라는 거 last forever, soneul japgo gateun gireul georeogallae

갓세븐 (GOT7) – Face Lyrics


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