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Freelance journalist and researcher James Cutler posted screenshots of accounts being banned from the 560,000-strong community on Twitter. And this is why the Nine Entertainment papers are garbage.

Sometimes the creativity well does dry up!

Pretty sure that was his Narrandera video. can't be bothered to write anything hahahaha nah actually I'll just sum up what the last person's description I read was 'omggg I loooooove coco channel more than my PARENTS!! In interests of objectivity, it is bizarre that moderators of the subreddit r/Australia are disabling posts containing the most recent video from @friendlyjordies (which alleges National Party corruption) and reportedly banning users who post the video from the subreddit.

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A dusty corner on the internet where you can chew the fat about Australia and … Traditionally, r/Australia has been a significant source of traffic for Friendlyjordies.,, Friendlyjordies’ latest video is on John Barilaro and allegations of corruption in the NSW town of Narrandera. People realise that friendlyjordies uses the main stream media as sources throughout his video don't they? He way overhyped people for this week and as interesting as the Secret Dictatoship video was, it needed waaaaay waaaay more research and follow up to have any sort of significance. They didn't create a global fashion icon - worst human beings. Legislation to make the tech companies bend over for them. A sad and ignoble fate for the oldest Australian newspaper still in print (the Sydney Morning Herald), and what was once Australia's best newspaper, The Age.

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Pretty lame. I think it has a lot to do with not being able to release information for legal reasons and to protect his sources.

“CSB have been brigading the sub for some time; using socks to evade bans – promote videos and drum up a lynch mob whenever a video was removed because the submitter had no active history in the sub,” they wrote. Jist wait till the main stream finds the fatty mc fuck face video. On Wednesday, members of the r/Australia subreddit noticed that their submissions of a video posted today by the YouTuber were being deleted and, in some cases, receiving bans for it. FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR #KOALAKILLER SHIRTS. Agreed. In a post made later in the afternoon, r/Australia moderator dredd claims they had acted in response to members of the “private Facebook group ‘CSB’” — which is a Facebook group set up by Friendlyjordies with more than 11,000 members — were “brigading” the community. This is a shit ton of free publicity. siteads.queue.push( {"site":"pedestriantv","pagetype":"article","ad_type":"article","sec":"online","amp":false,"article":"friendlyjordies banned reddit","article-tags":["Australia","CSB","FriendlyJordies","James Cutler","Jordan Shanks","Reddit","YouTube"],"native":["null"],"paid":"true","has_jw_player":"false","ad_location":"mobile-mrec","targeting":{"ptv-pos":"1"},"provider":"google-dfp","element_id":"ad-slot-mobile-mrec-2691010942"} ); - Greasy Giovani. “I understand it would be annoying if it keeps getting spammed, but there has been no directive from FJ in the CSB to spam the video on reddit (that would be counterproductive). There was also something about signs, but that wasn't super meaty. Brigading is when users co-ordinate online to harrass others like posting a video or commenting en masse.

It's just a matter of someone in the mainstream media picking up the specific stories Shanks talked about in the video... the oyster farm, hazard burning, water management etc... and running with it. Hoping there's something interesting Sunday, but I'm no defamation lawyer, maybe he's really limited in what he can say. We somehow got our hands on the leaked footage of a certain Deputy Premier getting pulled over. 13 seats is a nice little chunk of power in NSW.

S Half chest(cm) 51.5M Half chest(cm) 54L Half chest(cm) 56.5XL Half chest(cm) 59XXL Half chest(cm) 62XXXL Half chest(cm) 66 Call him a racist? He's mentioned a couple of times that he's dropping an hour long video this week, so who knows. I'm ashamed I spent so much time with them in my formative years.

I wonder if Nine's chairman being LNP hero Peter Costello could have anything to do with the soft coverage of the government in this case... but surely the SMH's motto of "independent always" would shine through? #auspol, — James Cutler (@t_cutlet) October 21, 2020.

Super Barilaro T-Shirt is the best way to showcase to the country how much Barilaro sucks. So this "I have a video that is going to bring down the National party in NSW" was a lie or publicity stunt?

This coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald today is just as insipid as the coverage in News Corp media and commercial TV, glossing over the political scandal in favour of “secondary news”, that is, writing the story about the story.

! What will the Murdoch press do?

If they are sick of people spamming they should be transparent about it and at least tell people why they are being banned. can't be bothered to write anything hahahaha nah actually I'll just sum up what the last person's description I read was 'omggg I loooooove coco channel more than my PARENTS!! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. — friendlyjordies (@friendlyjordies) September 15, 2020 To top it off, Shanks brings up Barilaro’s championing of the non-native Snowy Mountains brumbies through the 2018 Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Bill, a law which turned Australia into “global laughing stock” amongst experts and led to the devastation of native ecosystems – seemingly all because of a political donation of $10,000 .

}. Photo: Friendlyjordies. The media and the polies are literally acting like jordie has dumped a stash of classified material. That was fucking stupid and I loved every second of it. Moderators of one of Australia’s biggest online communities are banning users who post a video from Australian YouTuber Friendlyjordies, claiming that his fans are co-ordinating to promote his videos using fake accounts.

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Analysis using Reddit tool reveals that the video has been posted, and deleted, dozens of times to the sub-reddit this afternoon. I feel like he thought there's be more evidence of corruption but hey didn't actually find all that much material? But how screwed will the Nationals be? This cunt is immune to all that. It's the left leaning ones as well. In response to a Twitter DM about r/Australia’s decision, someone on behalf of the Friendlyjordies Twitter account told Gizmodo that they weren’t sure why users were being banned for sharing the video. And this is why the Nine Entertainment papers are garbage. On September 14, he posted a 26-minute video that alternated between mocking NSW deputy premier John Barilaro, and exposing a well-researched commentary on the corruption that Barilaro has embraced. But Braz, he sed bud wordzabutme. }. }. The message is clear: we don’t smear Coalition politicians. Barely a mention of the corruption the video attempted to expose. I honestly envy Jordies position to just take the piss out of anyone he wants. Get Stuart Little to write another smear article? If I'm not mistaken they're trying to give them access to google/Facebook content algorithms. In 2019, businessman and mining magnate Clive Palmer threatened legal action for defamation against Shanks after he published a video criticising and insulting him. Facebook:

This is fuckin lame, I’m gonna go wank into a sock. Oh don't worry, our govt has them covered. Super Barilaro Make fun of his male modelling career? “Oh ahaha yeah well the mods are probs ok then if they’re getting spammed,” they said. This pretty much encapsulates why this country is shit and it keeps happening. Posted by 26 days ago. Twitch: Arent the NSW Nats being slowly eaten by the Shooters and Fishers? While Common Sense Brigade members do regularly co-ordinate commenting, posting memes and linking content across social media including Reddit, the only posts specifically about r/Australia and Friendlyjordies’ latest video currently visible are about the bans. if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') {

By signing up, you agree to Pedestrian Group's Terms of Service and consent to our Privacy Policy. MUM!! oh what only multiple allegations of corruption in excess of millions of dollars backed up with documented evidence.

How are they supposed to compete with a single youtuber? Just in case it wasn't already hard enough for independent journalism to succeed. ... Barilaro seems well and truly screwed with Leslie Williams moving over to the Liberals.

#SuperBarilaroBruz #SuperBarilaroKart, can't be bothered to write anything hahahaha nah actually I'll just sum up what the last person's description I read was 'omggg I loooooove coco channel more than my PARENTS!!!

SMH posted the article to Facebook and got absolutely annihilated in the comments!


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