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At first glance I thought that Steve Bosustow was sending him to us as a way of putting the old guy out to pasture! These two guys gave my early career the greatest boost by taking on the voices of Bert & Harry Piel. As a person, I labeled Grim “taciturn,” supposedly typical of Wisconsin folk. Your email address will not be published.

The studio was owned by William Randolph Hearst, who wanted to exploit his comic strip characters in the new medium of the animated cartoon.

That was the last time I saw him, but he was unforgettable. “You’re pouring it down my sleeve, Harry!”. LaCava had been lured away from Raoul Barre’s studio where he had been working … I only gradually discovered that Grim, (and what a stern nickname for the creator of Betty Boop! Real-Time Episodes being played now. Once he told me that during the 1930s, he wasn’t even aware that there was a Depression going on! He would bound up the three stories of Williams’ Georgian mansion studio effortlessly.

Yet, they did lots of TV,the occasional film appearance.these ads,Broadway,late night TV guest shots and a great one shot of the original SNL Not Ready For Prime-Time Women special,where they were the only males onscreen. I’m also old enough to remember when Bob & Ray had a radio show on WOR in New York. His work on the character of Snow White, however, will always remain the highlight of his long career and one of the cornerstones of that films’s greatness and lasting power for more than sixty years. Gene was the director of UPA New York, the creative supervisor at Terrytoons (1956-58) and the acclaimed producer of hundreds of shorts for Weston Woods.

He became the principal animator of the Snow White character, the first animation of a human figure that conveyed charm, and life. He was working at Disney’s, he told me, making $150 a week, a really high salary at the time. — holds up, which is something of a tribute to the folks who made the ads. Use the dropdown lists to filter the resources. This site respects the privacy of it's visitors. This was hard won, through over eight years of art school training, three of which were in Vienna. So when he was assigned to come up with a character to sing a song popularized by actress Helen Kane, Natwick departed from the studio's disposition for animal cartoons. Grim Natwick was truly one of the great animators who ever lived. Along with the marvelous voice acting of Bob Elliot & Ray Goulding, it was Grim’s animation that gave life and charm to those characters. Grim Natwick was truly one of the great animators who ever lived. I never knew he animated these famous television commercials (and many more I suppose!).

In revenge the public bought even less Piels beer, and the company shortly went out of business. The writing by Ed Graham was superb, and maybe the commercials could have gotten by without our animation, but not without Bob & Ray. When he came to Disney’s for the sole purpose of helping to animate the lead character in the world’s first feature cartoon, he was well over twice the age of most of his colleagues, and left the studio after Snow White, joining his former boss Max Fleischer for his first feature Gulliver’s Travels. I’d think Magoo might be the only “established” character to have been shilling alcohol, as one of the few “adult human” cartoons of the 50s. An Interview with Grim Natwick. It was hard to get him to say much, but when he did say something, it was often surprising. They’re kidding each other, shooting out lights and so forth but I can’t catch the satire against the product that led to it’s “destruction”. Grim Natwick was my principal animator on our Bert & Harry beer commercials.

Since you’ve been kind enough to follow comments and answer them, I’d like to ask a few things:–bobRayPresentTheCbsRadioNetwork1959-60, Piels Beer was also associated with another radio favorite of mine – the early, WOR/Mutual version of “It Pays To Be Ignorant.”. In the early Walt Disney studio of the 1930s he was just about the only animator with formal art schooling. Grim Natwick. The result list gets updated as soon as you select a filter option. Great article, and so nice to see the picture of Grim Natwick circa 1951! Best Podcasts Recommended by us. Dedicated To Classic Cartoons: Past, Present & Future,,–bobRayPresentTheCbsRadioNetwork1959-60. No sketch material in the book just lots of interviews with family and associates.

Viewers in the New York area watched the commercials as entertainment, but did not drink the beer, which was blah. But even as late as late 80s, one of the decade’

Twenty-two years after this photo was taken, I would meet Grim Natwick in London, England as he swept into Richard Williams’ Studio to became a welcome fixture for six months.

INTRODUCTION. Myron "Grim" Natwick was an American artist, animator, and film director. In the original Agency scripts the characters were “Harry & Bert.” A woman viewer wrote a scathing letter to the Piel’s Beer company, castigating them in a fierce diatribe for their “Nazi” advertising campaign about “Aryan Bert!” The company went ballistic, and were demanding we immediately cancel the series, until we saved the situation and our hides, at least temporarily, by simply reversing the order of the names to “Bert & Harry.”.

They nailed it. And isn’t it amazing that both the Cunningham & Walsh ad agency and the Piel’s Beer company goofed it with the casting of Bob & Ray in the first place. Natwick is best known for drawing the Fleischer S… Listen Later. Discover Community Upvote niche podcasts. A mike,some writers(this stuff wasn’t improvised. It was a monumental achievement! It’s also my understanding the Bert and Harry campaign ran for like 5 years. Grim Natwick is undoubtedly one of the most influential animators who ever lived. At a happy reunion of some of our UPA New York stars, Grim and the others signed a napkin for me with my caricature drawn by Cliff Roberts. Grim was very tall and lanky, and extremely fit. “Bob and Ray: Keener Than Most Persons” by David Pollock is as close to a biography of them as one can ask. Look it up! He passed away April 17th, 2020, in Prague. Grim Natwick was my principal animator on our Bert & Harry beer commercials. It was only when he visited his family that he heard from them about the Hard Times. I’m especially thinking of the Naragansett and Jax spots done with Mike Nichols & Elaine May, in a very clear imitation of the Bob & Ray spots. PART ONE: GRIM NATWICK’S EARLY YEARS.

Grim Natwick’s career in animation began in 1917 at International Film Service Productions, managed by Gregory LaCava. Explorer Find similar podcasts. GRIM NATWICK’S SCRAPBOOK. The text filter searches several fields of each entry for matches with the given text: Please note that DIX is not able to search the complete text of an entry (yet) since only small excerpts are stored. I had the honour of having a desk right outside his office in the latter half of 1973, so I saw and heard a lot of Grim, and learned so much from him. Write if you get work…. The brand still exists, having gone through a number of owners and a brief “death” a few years ago. Piels Bros. ceased being an independent company in 1963; it was the victim of large national brewers taking over its turf, and as you say, the taste didn’t help matters.
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1 Podcast ... 20 Grim Natwick ; Keywords 106. Good stuff. Grim was a rare animation master who didn’t think it necessary to blow his own horn; a true native of Wisconsin! Very well said, Tony. Doesn’t sound like it was treated like a brand killing campaign. Can I assume the UPA crew also did the Mister Magoo commercials for Stag and Rheingold beers (along with GE and other sponsors)?


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