grime rap lyrics

I like Jungle We'll also create you an album cover and rap title.

Of all the things he's great at—wearing Rolexs, wrecking people's aunts on forums, eating all the pies—Wiley's best asset is his unparalleled ability to rhyme on the same syllable for days on end. K-A! "Cos I'm shocking MCs like Blanka / I got money in the bank, I'm a banker / You ain't got money in the bank, you're a wanker". When I first saw this clip I typed out Roachee’s first few bars and sent them to a friend via Hotmail. Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. ", “What’s happening?

[Verse 1] What? Produced by Skeppy, this is also hugely worth noting for my fave Wiley bars ever (though they can be found on other tunes too): "Yep Yep yep I eat lamb curry and roti / I'm a war MC they can all quote me / I might punch you in the boat-y, when you get up everything seems float-y…" Shhhhhh-huuuuuuu-tttt ya mout ruuuuude boiiiiii…, "His names Storm but we'll call him scabs / In school he wanked over porno mags". Got an army of kids that'll scar you with shivs If you're hating on this then lace you with kicks I'll strike like lightning and climb in your crib No regrets, don't forget I haven't pulled the trigger yet

And arrest us true, brung a pizza, I'll leave you for dead Lads burst into flames when I'm bursting the heat

God knows what Nyke does now, but I'm pretty sure he isn't a real estate agent.

If you're liking the clip subscribe to the vids When we're dropping the heat you stop on your feet Ghetto’s freestyle, for me, is the iconic one from Risky Roadz 2, that’s the one that made everyone step back and go "Whoa! Fuck the knives for a minute Keep it elite, if you peep on my street you'll leave in a casket “BARE MAN KNOW I GOT THE LENG WHEN IM ERE, IM A LENG MAN, CREWS GET PENG WHEN IM ERE, BEST STOP CHATTING SHIT ABOUT SKENGS WHEN IM ERE, COS I’LL DUN 10 MEN WHEN IM ERE. No mic stand And your wooden friend's smoking like a cigarette and yeah It's Skepta at his best; grime at its best; and if I didn’t have to eat and go to the toilet, I’d probably never stop rewinding it. I like electro 'Cause we climb to the top like Vardy

Get your head chopped when you dead drop with the two blade Lewi white bassline I was doin dese tings from when deyja was ran by randy You reckon us three won't settle your deeds You'll see dere aint a coward in me, Chorus: First verse and I'm cursing the streets That distinctive murky low-pitch timbre, several octaves deeper than anyone else, is the personification of dread. This might be the most perfect Kano song to date. Sublime in our brain and we're blinding the game But i love Grime, I like Soul Fresh rhyme scheme


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