hal amca
[4], In October 2008, the Indian Air Force asked the ADA to prepare a detailed project report on the development of a Medium Combat Aircraft (MCA) incorporating stealth features. It is based on Indian HAL Tejas and the Russian Sukhoi/HAL FGFA and Sukhoi Su-30MKI. [10] The final design is expected to be shown to the air force by 2012, after which full scale development on the aircraft may start. As the world is moving fast and China developed its own Fifth generation fighter which is operational now. The main purpose of AMCA is to replace the old SEPECAT Jaguar and Soviet MiG-27. [13], The AMCA will be designed with a very small radar cross-section and will also feature serpentine shaped air-intakes, internal weapons and the use of composites and other materials. HAL LCH empty weight is 2250 kg where as fully loaded with weapons weight is 3800 kg. HAL LCH is an Attack Helicopter designed and developed endogenously by state owned defense manufacturing company HAL { Hindustan Aeronautics Limited}. HAL LCH is the derivative of another indigenous helicopter HAL DHRUV { DHRUV is designed for MILITARY and CIVIL OPERATIONS like VIP TRANSPORTATION}. With the success of Tejas India has some big future plans, one is they want to develop Tejas MK2 which will be a higher variant of Tejas, Tejas Mk2 will be a twin engine, two seater more powerful and comparable to other main stream fighter jets around the world. [3] A naval version is confirmed, as the Indian Navy also contributed to funding. Interestingly, the GE F414 engine is also selected for LCA Mk II as well as for South Korean stealth fighter KAI KF-X. The only one prototype was built. Exclusive: What will Pakistan do as FATF sanctions continue till Feb 2021? It will have three internal weapons bays on the bottom and sides of the fuselage and also the wings include four hardpoints. AMCA has an F-22 style single bubble canopy cockpit which provides excellent visibility to the pilot. The AMCA will have an empty weight of 16-18 tons. Due to its agile design AMCA will be flown by a digital fly-by-optics flight control system that will reduce pilot workload enabling him to focus on offensive tasks. AMCA will have a max speed of 1.8 Mach or more with a service ceiling of 15 km. HAL LCH not only offer a good amount of fire power modern equipment’s but is also cost much much cheaper then most of the attack helicopter in the world { LCH unit cost is around $18-20 million. [3][10] The aircraft will have an internal weapons bay and radar-absorbent paint and composites. 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