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All promo scores are scored on a 10-point scale in 0.1 increments and are judged on overall writing, character development, storyline development, creativity, and other intangibles. The Dogs of War and Adrian took out Alchemy poster-boy Alex O'Rion, powerbombing him from the top rope to the announce table. With Michaels reeling on the ground, Bryson picked up Jaro's banhammer. Because of its growing popularity, Pyromania announced it would split into two separate brands: PWA Pyromania: Inferno and PWA Pyromania: Fusion. Anarchy would also draft John "Doc" Derrick to bring over the FMW Championship, and Hostyle, who brought over Alchemy's signature C-4 Championship to the rival brand. But Black stormed back, eliminating Andrew and RAMPAGE!, leaving Black and Alex. To become an active wrestler and receive matches, people must sign up in the “Official Sign-Up Thread”. Jaro also folded NEW, and announced the creation of Anxiety, FMW's third brand as a means to further divide Original Sin's potential threats. At Anarchy 5.3: Night of Champions, Dreamkiller sicced Eric Scorpio to challenge Michaels. At Full Metal 1.4, War Machine won a 15-Minute Massacre to become the first Ultraviolent Champion. The key wildcard in the battle was John "Doc" Derrick. Led by head bookers Jason "Jaro" Roy and Robb Clarke, Pyromania created new stars and attracted the talent which would lead the promotion into future generations. At Anarchy 5.1, general manager and Original Sin founding member Saint Michael Dreamkiller announced that Black was invoking his rematch clause inside Hell in a Cell. In addition, the second Mount Vesuvius match was announced, pitting 30 superstars against each other with an opportunity to challenge for the FMW Championship at Ultimatum II. The H-Style Hit List ranks the in-ring innovativeness of every FMW competitor. After the referee was knocked out, the turncoat Jaro would run down to the ring in a referee's shirt. Full Metal Wrestling has harnessed the power of Twitter and has been using it not only as a means of self promotion but also a means of keeping its users informed on the latest news.

The former NEW stars were drafted in the 2007 FMW Rookie Draft to the three brands, where Skyler Striker was drafted as the first overall selection by Anxiety. At Lethal Injection, Black was forced to defend the title in a seven-man Elimination Chamber match.

Michaels however would not be intimidated as he was inspired to fight for the glory of God, confident he would bring down the evil corruption that had plagued FMW during Black's dark reign as champion. The finals pit Ethan Black against the popular Andrew O'Rion of the O'Rion wrestling family. This type of chronology originated during the original Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA) brand split when the PWA Pyromania brand applied it. Adrian O'Rion sneaked into the ring to assist his brother, but in FMW's most shocking betrayal, Adrian turned on his brother by hitting him with a barbed wire baseball bat and aligned with the Covenant.

Dreamkiller was scheduling Michaels to defend the Full Metal Championship on a grueling defense schedule. Following Full Metal 2.1, FMW announced it would split into two brands, Alchemy and Anarchy. Derrick was moments away from adding Mortus to his growing list of victims, when Derrick's own past deeds came back to haunt him. With the promise of receiving a FMW title match at Death Row, Derrick sold his very soul to the Original Sin. During the FMW Draft, CEO Jaro selected Alchemy's superstars, while the Anarchy roster was selected by Vice President and Jaro's pet ostrich, Zuzu. Pay-per-views are all inter-divisions. Wrestlers are given a card for each show and are asked to write a promo if they have a match in that card's "Voting and Promo Thread”. As many of its veterans come from Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW), much of the formatting in terms of deciding winners is similar. The three fan favorites stormed the ring and attacked the Black Covenant. They held their first show on October 6, 1989. Backstage however, PWA owner Villiano 187 pulled the plug on the Pyromania brand extension. There is a -0.1 penalty for each day a promo is posted after the deadline has pasted. After four matches, the score was tied 2-2. While Alchemy and Anarchy are different brands and run different shows, FMW pay-per-views and supercards are all interbrand and feature matches from every brand. During the match, War Machine, SoL, and X were eventually eliminated, leaving a battered Black to fend off his three biggest adversaries. All new roster members make a, usually brief, stop in NEW before heading off to the main roster. Questions, comments, opinions, interested in purchasing DVD's/MP4's, or anything about the site or on the history of FMW, Super Battle FMW, WMF/WEW, or Fuyuki & Apache Army/FREEDOMS just contact me at bahumuth17@aol.com

Ethan Black returned and assisted Mortus in defeating Derrick in an Electric Chair match by cutting the power supply in the arena. On September 25, 2006, with rumors and speculation running rampant as to what was happening, Jaro appeared that night at the premiere FMW telecast with his International Heavyweight Championship. For the latest Elemental 25, click on the following link: Roster is up to date as of November 2, 2009. Jaro commanded Bryson to nail his cousin with the banhammer, or Michaels would be certain to lose the title that night. The brand extension was scheduled to take place at Pyromania 9.1, a night removed from PWA's flagship pay-per-view event, Altered Reality III. 30 men fought through three cage structures with the goal of being the first to raise the Mount Vesuvius torch in victory and be rewarded with a Full Metal Championship match at Ultimatum. The mind games took their toll on Alex, as he once again fell victim to Black in an epic encounter.

FMW also introduced new championships during this debut cycle. This reportedly upset Robb, who had put considerable effort into the Pyromania brand extension. Jaro was impressed, but not by the name, and he rechristened it to Full Metal Wrestling (FMW). On September 25, 2006, just days before Altered Reality III, Villiano 187 controversially fired Pyromania's Jaro, Robb, and Showstoppa due to their supposedly-illegal solicitation of PWA talent for the upstart FMW promotion. Each division consists of approximately 10 active e-wrestlers and feature their own championships and shows, even though two divisions are paired up to appear at the same location at each show. Click the above title for the entire list of tag teams in the tag division in Full Metal Wrestling. The shows are written from the perspective of two commentators watching the action from ringside, with additional backstage segments flavored in. Ethan Black made the cover to become the first Full Metal Champion. The latter part of the number can only go as high as four, since the fifth show is reserved for pay-per-view events which do not get numbered.

Along with Twitter, Full Metal Wrestling keeps its users up to date with the use of an integrated news feed on the site. At Full Metal 1.3, Showstoppa won a four-way dance to be crowned as the first C-4 Division Champion.


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