is the dot on a switch on or off

Flip a light switch somewhere near you. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this post. This is how single direction switches (buttons) work; it's obvious what a power button will do because I can tell that the device is currently on. If you're viewing Control Panel where you see all the icons and not categories, you can skip down to Step 3. To point, in most laymen's eyes, green means on; however, in the electrical power industry, red typically means on and green means off (because a live wire will kill you, and green generally means safe to work on). A common reason you'd want to use the power button to turn off a computer is if it's no longer responding to your mouse or keyboard commands. Great! Keep in mind that if you are also using the Amazon Echo Remote, you will not have to turn the device microphone back on in order to add items to your grocery list, set a timer or turn off the lights the kids left on in their rooms. @MichaelKjörling why in the world would i want to destroy a, Tangentially, you're most welcome. But there is a problem. etc. Skip down to Step 5. Ending running processes on your PC, smartphone, or another device without a "heads up" to the operating system is never a good idea, for reasons you've already read about. This can be done by lighting up an LED, by an icon on the display, changing colors, etc. All UK wall switches have a pretty stiff movement allowing you to 'feel' the position of the switch with a moderate amount of pressure without actually triggering it - whereas some much larger European 'panel' switches can be switched with little more than an unintended arm contact when walking by. Because vertically mounted switches are more likely to be switched down accidentally by taking your hands down, grazing, things falling down or similar. For that case, I get the feeling that it depend on use, but that there isn't a very strong preference either way. If there are just too many switches in the place already, then you should follow the rules that have already been set, dont change something that works. An informative text or indicator light would certainly make it easier for your users. @DanNeely I point that out, sort of; another way that can happen is two lightswitches in one room affecting the same light. @MarkD Never mind those who natively use bidirectional writing systems. The context of their usage is fundamentally different from domestic sockets so this is fine by me. The ideal time to shut down a computer is only after all the software programs are closed and your work is saved. This designation will sometimes be seen as I/O or as the "I" and "O" characters on top of each other as a single character, as in the following photo. For vertically oriented switches, I (as the user) would first expect Up to be On and Down to be Off. Nothing worse than fumbling blind around the rear of a unit only to accidentally power it off. Ending running processes on your PC, smartphone, or another device without a "heads up" to the operating system is never a good idea, for reasons you've already read about. The most notable example is the smartphone. @André, the gravity discussion doesn't refer to gravity force on the switch alone, but aided by a hand or other object. Likewise we have a mis-mounted light switch that controls an entire circuit in my childhood home. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this post. Not only will you lose what you're working on, but you can actually cause some files to become corrupt. Generally I would recommend Up and Right as 'on' but as I've already said, if the switch isn't labeled, any direction has the potential for frustration. @JohnGB, that's expected of course, since south of the equator, up is down. For a right-handed person, that's up and right (though left if you're entering a room and the light switch is inside, next to the door, which is prolly why most are vertical -- works coming and going). @André Indeed! It just needs to be very clear what state the machine is and that this button will toggle the state. This is one of the major causes of mishaps. If you're feeling "up" then you're full of energy, if you're feeling "down", you're low on energy. Hoping we can get a dynamic option where it toggles on/off depending on if you are moving or not. Do all amps need need a little gain to be able to output sound? The green dot indicator will only appear if your status is Online/Active. The button next to it that changed the radio station was marvelous also. UI to best convey whether results of selections in a filtering interface return intersections or unions (and/or). Sadly I don't have research material but some real world examples which uses the top/bottom direction. This may appear on a toggle switch opposite a power on symbol, alone on a pushbutton that places the device into a standby state, or alone on a button that switches between on and standby. Power buttons and switches are usually labeled with "I" and "O" symbols.

There is just a strong association between things that are up, going, running, working, living, moving, vital and so on.


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