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Daniel Craig is very good (I like blue-eyed blondes) and we have to remember that Hollywood is not workimg from Fleming’s original material anymore. And if u give me a chance i wil show u the more sexy, handsome and dangerous bond….

Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact. I would have ranked him higher, except that he was out of shape and got beat on by two women whilst wearing a pink tie ( for heaven's sake!) [Update May 5th, 2020] This great list of James Bond actors has finally returned to its original home at AllYouNeedIsLists.com and updated with some new information, including No Time To Die. I know, there are a couple more that COULD be on the list, but these are the ones from the official movie franchise. I loved Moore for his lightness and humor, which was perfect for the times. This is great, thanx.

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Seeing all the new Bonds that would come after Moore I never knew there were 2 more that existed before Connery.

Sean is best – but Timothy Dalton is a close second! (source: Fun fact: Having done only one James Bond movie, George became actually a metaphor for something forgettable: “It was a mistake, like casting George Lazenby as 007”. mr dalton i think lacked the presence on screen to portray bond. Now that we have movie franchise lists of several different brands, including all Star Trek movies, it's only fair to write one about all Star Wars movies as well. I think you got the ages of some of them wrong, though. I loved all of Roger Moore’s “Bond” movies, Pierce Bronson and Daniel Craig is also good. With his dry quips after beating a villain, the way he presents himself onscreen and his accent, he is the tops.

Love it. I’m also glad that Sietse’s always alert in giving responses to commentators. Perhaps I’ll make an updated version of this list later on . Love him!!! but he’s not british.

Technically speaking, Never Say Never Again was actually an official bond film.

don’t forget.. revive BOND.

She did not know that electric cables around her would go off as a special effect for the scene. Roger,Brosnan, & Sean my favourite. Barney Rubble…LOL! The episode appears as a special feature on the DVD for the 1967 spoof film Casino Royale.

He is pathetic, not funny, not charming and have no extraordinary toys (which to my understanding were integral part of this character). I can’t wait to see Skyfall.

Every scene in which he appears to be in the USA was filmed in Pinewood Studios outside London. I am sorry u don’t fit in this league. James Bond is a fictional character created by the novelist Ian Fleming in 1953.

I have read all Ian Flemings books, and to imagine what James Bond was like in real life, only Sean Connery fits the image. I don’t know why producers gave up in Skyfall, the excellent idea, brought in Cassino Royale and developed in Quantum of Solace, of Bond fighting against a crime organization (like Spectre). They are both smart and good in acting….Love the way they act. I have been a fan of James Bond from the beginning, and have enjoyed all the Bonds. Fun fact: Sean Connery received eight specially tailored Saville Row suits for this movie, $2,000 each.

dear brother, where is other bond.

Like Craig the most. Lazenby tried to do an “everyman” with his bond, and that just did not work. He broke Sean Connery’s wrist during training.

I believe that to be correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not, nor ever have been into the “metro-sexual” types.

1) as mr bond is climbing out of the komodo dragon’s pit he should’nt have been faced with a villain’s gun, and conveniently saved by moneypenny dropping the metal case on the man.

What a great guy! As with Sajib and Syed, I think the next Bond should be an Indian Actor. All others are good EXCEPT! he is the tallest bond and moves very naturally in the scenes, – and around women, he moves the best. This was quite by chance. brosnon is the bond bond is brosnon that ‘s he plays the bond character superb, Im big fan of roger moore best jame bond but sean connery and daniel caraig are good and skfall is wicked. So who is your favorite James Bond actor?

daniel craig for me is one of the best james bond actors that we could ever have.

In 1962, producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman brought James Bond to the silver screen in Dr. No, based on Ian Fleming's 1958 novel. Dalton’s darker Bond was very good, but perhaps ahead of its time.

We won’t ever forget the legacy you left in the Bond franchise. Craig portrayed a more edgy and kind of darker character which is what I imagine as a real life special agent would be. Roger was great but too tongue in cheek, Shaun brilliant, but I really think all of the rest have done very well, but I liked Roger Moore better as Simon Templar (he fit that role better) and Pierce Brosnan better as Remington Steele. All r best, but my favt is pierce brosanon…. Seem to have overlooked your comment, so here’s my reply after 11 months .


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