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Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed Season 4 Episode 92 With English Subtitles. But while Kayis rejoices, the unexpected death of Halime Hatun will upset everyone. Season finale. Log in. Emir Saadettin is called to Konya. Ertugrul trades the chest (the real contents of which he took, and replaced instead with falsified documents) for the right to his tribe back, and humiliates Alincak.

Most of the Alps are martyred and Ertugrul Bey is seriously injured. Turgut throws an axe into his head during a battle, killing him. Later, Dundar bey falls in love with Gunyeli but Gunyeli hatuns father serves Ural. Imprisoned by the Templars. Follow. Adoptive brother of Ertugrul Gazi and blood brother of Bamsi Beyrek and Doğan Ap. Killed by Noyan. Step mother of Tuğtekin. However, she grows to love her husband Tuğtekin. The tension between the two tribes rises and Bahadir Bey stabs Turgut in the shoulder.

But while Kayis rejoices, the unexpected death of Halime Hatun will upset everyone.

Works with Ustad Simon. He also forces Afsin Bey to kill Shahzade Numan. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Worked for the. Bahadir Bey goes to Cavdar plain and takes Turgut and Aslihan captive. She is deeply in love with Ertuğrul, but tries to hide her feelings. 0. Emir Saadettin Kopek had the Sultan sign an edict and took the post of Ertugrul Bey as the border principal. Turgut stomps off angry because Ertuğrul does not let him kill Noyan and take his revenge. Older brother of Ertuğrul, Sungurtekin, Gökçe (adoptive) and Dundar. Dies while trying to save Ural from beheading in Hanli Bazar. Meanwhile, Turgut and Bamsi save their wives, Titan and Angelos are killed and the traitor Marya is caught. Is killed by Ural. One of Tuğtekin's Alps. Very loyal and good-hearted. Ertugrul Bey confronted Mongol Khan and accepted his offer. Father-in-law of Halime Hatun and Selcan Hatun. Titan and his soldiers burn all the catapults.

Sultan Giyaseddin assigned the Emir of Sivas Husameddin to work with Ertugrul Bey to kill Emir Saadettin. This news stops the attack. In the end, Ertugrul is sent by Sultan to protect his eastern borders from Mongols.

Adoptive father of Selcan, Gökçe, Turgut, Dogan and Bamsi. Goncagul runs away. Gunyeli reported this information to her father who then informed Ural Bey. After a long search, Ertugrul Bey finds Sugay and brings her to the plain. She had an unrequited love for Ertuğrul, thus becoming jealous of Halime Hatun and sustaining an injury to save his life. Beybolat makes a deal with Dragos that will help him escape from Ertugrul. He later betrays him when he realizes that Ural broke his promise to him. Son of Shahzade Numan, younger brother of Halime Hatun, brother-in-law of Ertugrul and nephew of Sultan Alaeddin Kayqubad I. The daughter of Shahzade Numan, older sister of Yigit Alp and niece of Sultan Alaeddin, Yaman Tumen (Season 3–4) & Arif Diren (Season 5). Daughter of Deli Demir. Beybolat reveals himself to be Albasti, shocking Ilbilge.

Youngest daughter of Umur Bey and younger sister of İlbilge and Beybolat. Emir Saadettin asked Sultan for three months and claimed that he would find the criminals during this period. The father of Gündüz Alp, Savcı Bey and Osman Gazi I, founder of the Ottoman Empire. Ertugrul wins once more and forgives Gunalp. Share .


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