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She regularly testified before Congress on mortgage and student lending, for-profit schools, data security and breaches, sexual assault, LGBTQ rights, and consumer issues including, telephone bill cramming, unsafe children’s products, and energy. revive its flagging white-collar defense practice. the working of Safeguard. Overall, her legal actions in response to the financial crisis delivered nearly $4 billion in relief for Illinois homeowners, communities and pension funds. Thursday. "But the way I try to describe it is, look, while I am the lawyer for the state, and therefore defending the state of Illinois when it’s sued, what most people know about the office is the affirmative work that we do, so the work that we’re doing for people. Boozy freeze pops coming from the local firm behind Fla-Vor-Ice, Oakbrook Center scores $475 million in debt, Book publisher wants to cut downtown footprint, Brookfield’s CEO bets offices will fill again as cities revive, McCormick Place loses trade show to Indianapolis, Lawsuit claims Redfin perpetuates redlining online, Lakefront mansion sale marks 2020's highest price.

"That's always, I think, what strikes me the most about consumer problems, is the fact that, you know, there are people out there who are so, you know, willing to say anything to make money that they don't care what happens to you, they don’t care what happens to your family, they don’t care if you lose your house, they care about nothing but making that money. [[504170682, C]]. This comes as no surprise to me--our firm represents clients that have been the victims of illegal lockouts. I will continue to monitor this case and update the blog as the case develops. is a premier full-service boutique law firm specializing in handling adversarial proceedings, civil litigation and criminal defense.

The law firm of Michel & Associates delivers exceptional service and value to clients needing legal advice or representation concerning labor & employment law, business litigation, environmental & land use law, regulatory compliance, municipal law, non-profit governance, civil rights, and firearms & Second Amendment law. Confidential or time sensitive information should not be And I can tell you among my AG colleagues around the country, even the folks that go onto the U.S. Senate and other governors, they all say the best job I ever had was serving as attorney general. We formulate complex case strategies and tactics, control voluminous discovery, draft all manner of trial and appellate court documents, and handle all pretrial and trial proceedings, writs and appeals.


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