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As always, The 100’s characters are motivated by their pasts and by the people who helped shape who they are. The big news out of the Grounder capital? Current Episode (aired 30 Sep. 2020) The Last War. Cadogan preached of salvation, which is of course irresistible to the perpetually salvation-seeking Jaha, and so he, Bellamy, and Clarke go on a search for Cadogan’s bunker. After a nuclear apocalypse, a group of people who have been living in space return to Earth—and quickly learn they’re not alone. But amidst all the emotions and the darkness, there's at last, one small glimmer of hope.

(I asked Jason Rothenberg that exact question in my postmortem for episode 3.) I have no doubt in my mind that Echo will be able to convince Roan of Skaikru's treachery, especially once this flame business is revealed. But on top of that, think about Jaha's history with chasing rainbows. The fact that Murphy’s own father was floated for stealing meds is not lost on Abby. Clarke heads to sickbay, where Luna is saying prayers over all her deceased people. By now, four seasons in, there's no doubt about it – Octavia is like Indra's surrogate daughter. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. It was obvious in the season 4 premiere that the flame and the need for Nightbloods wouldn’t just disappear. Octavia is able to quickly track down the flamekeeper and follows her into the temple. They were selected to participate in a COVID-19 PSA. “I’m a better thief than I am a hunter.” —Murphy being Murphy. She’ll always care for her brother, but she has pointedly distanced herself from her people. There goes their hope for a last-ditch answer to their prayers. Ever since they first met, Indra and Octavia have had one of the most intense and interesting relationships on the show. They have acute radiation sickness from eating the radiated fish, which Luna tells them are now dead and floating on the water as far as the eye can see.

But in season four, The 100 has ascribed new meaning to its title. Season 4, Episode 3.

A fallout shelter built to sustain thousands. But will creating a vaccine or radiation cure from Luna's blood be that straightforward?

Log in or link your magazine subscription. They have made some of the hardest decisions of their lives together. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Luna miraculously survived and began to self-heal from her radiation poisoning. Apparently you had to level up to the 12th seal in order to make it inside the doors.


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