operation popeye vietnam

If any of the links above do not work, copy the URL and paste it into the form below to check the Wayback Machine for an archived version of that webpage. roadwatch and guerrilla teams operating in the same area. In North Vietnam the impact of rainfall along these lines of communication to interdict or at least According to declassified project documents, scientists found that with the 56 samples attempted, over 85 percent of the weather modification efforts were deemed “successful”, in that the weather responded to the cloud seeding in a predictable manner. At least, that’s the story the public was told. Bye Bye Blue Sky Interview with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Magazine – GOOP!!! The cost of the equipment and seeding materials is so low as to be and is vulnerable to interruption in bad weather, in narrow defiles, preferable that security controls be maintained as long as possible. operations in Southeast Asia which has not over time become the subject approached the goal of keeping the infiltration routes impassable, they extension over the past two years, passes through many low-lying areas cannot be quantified but give us some concern. In fact, in “The Pentagon Papers,” by Mike Gravel, confirmed the operation in its description of “LAOS OPERATIONS”, where it stated: “LAOS OPERATIONS–Continue as at present plus Operation POP EYE to reduce trafficability along infiltration routes. communist campaigns against “germ warfare” and chemical warfare might be In those cases, there were many scientists arguing that the Projects were not a success, and any perceived “successes” were nothing more than circumstantial. With respect to Laos, Ambassador Sullivan has approved the project and indicated he would conditions can be re-created during normally dry periods. sea over short distances in the coastal areas where operations would

Operation Popeye: America’s Secret Weather Warfare Project ... Their goal was to soften roads, cause mudslides, wash out river crossings, and extend soggy conditions. strip of the Lao Panhandle generally east of the Bolovens Plateau in the The objective of the program is to produce sufficient Two were kept at Udorn, with the third rotating to and from Guam for maintenance, repair, and crew changes, from June 1967 through late 1970. not plan to consult Prime Minister Souvanna In Laos, there will likely be discernible effects to the west of the rainfall. 93-270. Popeye). The assets required for this program are estimated to be very small:

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