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You can hear the amps humming before the band begin that opening, ratcheting up the tension until they pause, letting the sound fade … then that brilliant and brutal riff breaks like a storm.

Available for everyone, funded by readers. No idea what a nervous shakedown is, though. Billboard is a subsidiary of Valence Media, LLC. You might say Highway to Hell was AC/DC’s greatest riff.

Viewed as underwhelming at the time, it now sounds like a masterpiece compared to much of what followed.

The backing vocals – which sound like they come from a troupe of disgruntled goblins – always make me laugh. To simplify subscriber access, we have temporarily disabled the password requirement.

Peaked at #69 on They weren’t, though; not really.

Oddly, it has never been played live, although, given that AC/DC sets tend consist of three tracks from the new album, plus the setlist from 1980, maybe that’s not surprising.

If he were to fight you, he would need neither knife nor gun, because it turns out he is literally explosive. The best AC/DC album, Powerage, is the most downbeat. “I hear it pays well!”. Great songs leave things out, rather than adding them. So simple, but there’s so much going on.

It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock’n’Roll) (1975) ... Riff Raff (live, 1978)

Even on their most disappointing albums, there was always at least one absolute cracker.

On the twisting, tumbling Hail Caesar it worked, though.

It wasn’t an album of huge riffs – it was more concerned with the texture of the sound. This is the best of the poverty songs that popped up time and again across the first few AC/DC records, and a superlative performance from the whole group: the music builds and builds and builds, and Scott graces it with a wonderful, desperate vocal. On Blow Up Your Video, that was Heatseeker: frenetic, joyful, and proof that AC/DC weren’t yet a spent force. Borrowing the title from their live album of the year before, If You Want Blood showed – with the help of Lange – that AC/DC could marry their piledriver force to actual pop hooks. This gains its place not for the melody – which is almost nonexistent – but for being one of Scott’s best lyrics: “I’ve got patches on the patches of my old blue jeans / Well, they used to be blue / When they used to be new / When they used to be clean.”.
The version on If You Want Blood shaves more than a minute off the studio version, and it’s better for it, because that extra minute is all soloing, and this song is entirely about the power of its riff.

It’s as famous for its accompanying stage prop these days, but this is perfectly constructed hard rock, right down to its dramatic, combustible Angus solo.

From 6 people Time Riff Raff. Regarded by many fans as the band’s most heartfelt song (and a favourite of Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch), this mournful blues has no hint of celebration. Listen to albums and songs from Riff Raff. And, as on all the best AC/DC songs, feel the space that allows those details to be so evident.

For many years now, the best AC/DC track on any given album has been the lead single.

From 17 people Rap Game James Franco Riff Raff.

Rick Rubin should have been the perfect AC/DC producer, but Ballbreaker sounded oddly emasculated, without the jet roar of the guitars. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Riff Raff - Dave Edmunds on AllMusic - 1984 - Since "Slipping Away" was a minor hit, Edmunds… It’s also the greatest tribute to Malcolm Young, who never took a lead vocal or played a solo, but who was the beating heart of the band. Even here, Johnson managed to squeeze in a double entendre: “Pick up your balls and load your cannon.” Fnarr fnarr. The lazy slowness of Nervous Shakedown allows the listener to really hear how the pieces of the AC/DC machine interlock and swing around each other. Fucking nightmare! Cookie Settings And the beautiful simplicity of the main hook – Angus’s little jangle over Malcolm’s two-chord pattern – is a perfect piece of AC/DC. In fact, I bet you were hearing the drums come in once the riff starts repeating.

“And you ask me why I’m in a band / I dig doin’ one night stands,” sings Bon Scott in one of his many considerations of the life of the struggling rock’n’roller. The entry has 1 chart's achieves on Popnable.

Only after 80 seconds was the main riff revealed, and it took nearly a minute and a half for Johnson to make his entrance. It Is hard to describe anything AC/DC do as out of character – rarely has one band maintained a single character trait with such devotion – but the opening and chorus melody of Moneytalks is peculiarly reminiscent of latter-day E Street Band, melancholic and triumphant. View Riff Raff song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and … Their first Australian album even featured this intriguing example of a kind of troglodytic hard-rock funk, with cowbells and bongos, neither of which were to become staples of the Akker Dakker sound. The Back in Black album opened with a tolling bell, joined by a desolate guitar line, then a simple drumbeat, before the rest of the band came in. You know exactly what I’m telling you.

This one is about why he would choose that life – because he refuses to be a hypocrite: “You can stick your nine-to-five living / And your collar and your tie / And you can stick your moral standards / Cos they’re all a dirty lie.” But why a rock’n’roll singer in particular? It’s just a man constantly trying to find what he seeks, always having to ride on to do so: “One of these days, I’m gonna / Change my evil ways / Til then I’ll just keep dragging on.”. That was the case on 2008’s Black Ice, though I would direct you to the version on Live at River Plate, just for the force of the band’s entry. This is a bass root note song. It should always be remembered that AC/DC roll as well as rock.

A rare one-off, from The Last Action Hero soundtrack, that really deserved saving for an official album: terrific riff, good recording.

Rubin did get the opening track of Ballbreaker absolutely right: the spacious, arid production on Hard as a Rock was the closest the band had got to the sound of the Vanda/Young productions since dispensing with the pair. In their infancy, AC/DC weren’t tied to one style.

He sounds like a man clinging to society by his fingernails. As Back in Black turns 40, we run down the Australian hard rockers’ best numbers – full of double entendres, massive choruses and surging, strutting riffs. The Highway to Hell album is full of those moments: Get It Hot, Girls Got Rhythm, Shot Down in Flames. This eponymous song is good, but not classic.

Back in Black’s lead single proved that even without Scott, AC/DC had something special on their hands.
The Youngs’ older brother George – who, with Harry Vanda, had overseen their early albums – returned to produce Stiff Upper Lip. It scorched on Powerage, but the version on the live album If You Want Blood You’ve Got It doesn’t just scorch, it spits fire.

Duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-dah, duh-duh-dah duh-duh-dah duh-dah-dah.


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