stock market glossary

The disallowed loss will be added to the basis of the “substantially identical” stock or securities purchased, and the holding period of the original property is added to the holding period of the newly acquired property. This is shown when a stock has past its ex-dividend date. The specialist is responsible for managing limit trades, but does not make information on outstanding limit orders available to other traders. See definition of Current Picks. They normally provide high liquidity for the trader. Base- A chart pattern making a period of accumulation following a downtrend. This GorillaPick was sold when its stop loss level was triggered, but only AFTER the stop loss level was raised at least once from its initial stop loss level to protect profits.
“Substantially identical” means different things for different investments. A doji is a stock chart pattern that occurs when stock opens and closes at the same price. This type of order may only be executed if the stock “bounces back” above the limit price. It is the responsibility of the specialist to ensure that the order is transacted appropriately on behalf of others with the same fiduciary care as the brokers themselves. Closing Price

Confirmation Day – An event that occurs as a result above average daily volume that fortifies a stocks desired direction. Stop losses explained
Account balance / account value. The stock market is a place where parties (both individuals and institutions) buy and sell stocks. Technical analysis This stock market term is a little murky.

Like stocks, a taxpayer may not repurchase the fund sold within the 31-day window. Please refer to: Confirmation Day for a complete explanation. You must be very careful when dealing with partial sale (loss) of mutual funds. You are either given a simulated starting balance or are able to enter your own starting balance to start practice trading with. I don’t recommend day-trading if you are new to the market. Stop Loss Order – This order is commonly used to establish a new position, limit a loss on an existing position, or protect unrealized gains. Limit Order- This order is placed to purchase or sell at a specified price or better; an order that specifies a price an investor is willing to pay or accept. Identify the specific lot you are selling.

Trading software Expanding your stock market vocabulary will enable you to be a better investor, so that you can trade successfully. Many moving averages exist but the 30-week moving average (also known as the 30-week line or 150-day line) is one of the most popular and respected in technical circles.

Thus, there should be no reinvestment during the 30-day period leading up to the sale, nor should there be any reinvestments 30 days after the sale date. ), Risk Rating- This rating is based upon a combination of share related items, including a stock’s market capitalization, shares outstanding, volatility and current tradable float. These bids and asks must be posted for the entire market to view such that the best price is always maintained. Fundamental analysis Second Target

An indicator is a mathematical formula that aims to help traders decide whether to buy or sell a stock. Your email address will not be published. Specialist- An individual on the trading floor of certain exchanges who holds an inventory of particular stocks. Indexs Glossary of Stock Market Terminologies A. Allotment. Previous Picks The stock market is split up into several sections called industries. There are several world-renowned exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. 8.

The ask price is the price at which you can buy a share.

Magazine Cover Theory- Link to The Magazine Cover Theory. Styles of trading Because you are buying a put and a call, your only risk is that the stock does nothing and the options expire. When using the RTR tool, the Gorilla recommends avoiding GorillaPicks in the portfolio that hold unrealized losses. You are advised to sell the remaining portion of your position at this target.

Given below is a basic glossary of … See Example of Stop Loss Level, Resistance- Also known as supply. An area where increased selling interest is likely to develop during a rally. The process of buying an asset (such as shares) and then immediately selling it so as to profit from the difference. Higher volatility means that higher profits or losses can be made. 1) Long 100 shares of stock

Is widely used by day and swing traders. Stock Split Explained 2. Straddle A dividend is the payment a shareholder receives from the company he/she is currently investing in.

These areas usually prove to be only temporary barriers to higher quotes during a primary uptrend, at which time many resistance levels are usually battered. The company pays the dividend from the profit it generates throughout its financial year. Understanding company financial statements A new learner. If stock bids are scarce, a specialist can hold inventory in order to accommodate interest.

Yes! Each week, the most recent week’s figure is added to the total, and the price level from 30 weeks ago is subtracted-hence the term “moving.” This line often provides support during an uptrend and resistance during a downtrend. Active Picks Note: Since stop orders become market orders, during fast market periods executed prices may be filled beyond stop prices.

A stock is dropped from the Gorilla Trades portfolio if it hits its stop loss level or achieves its second target.

Sources Gorilla Trades is not only an online stock picking service, but it also provides subscribers with educational resources and information to help them decide how and when to buy and sell stocks, how to limit losses, and how to increase returns. Short Selling, Special Situations Picks Banana Barometer Are levels at which a stock is considered less likely to go any further down or up. Here you’ll find our useful stock market glossary of terms as well as stock investment advice. See this page on our Stock Picks to see how the Trigger Day fits in with the Gorilla Trades System. How do I read a stock quote?

In addition, a GorillaPick must close HIGHER than its trigger price and a GorillaShort must close LOWER than its trigger price on the day it is to be considered “confirmed.” What exactly constitutes a Confirmation Day” To initially confirm, a triggered GorillaPick must do EACH of the following on the SAME day: 1) A GorillaPick must CLOSE higher than its previous close AND higher than where it opened.

If you do not want the added risk involved with double exposure, then the only alternative is to dispose of the current long position at a loss and repurchase the stock, or an option to acquire the stock 31 days later. Technically, it’s just another name for the stock market and originates from a house in which wealthy men gathered to trade shares. Practice accounts facilitate practice trading. Updates on active GorillaPicks are available in the Evening Gorilla Email and on the Subscribers Website. Overhead Supply- A price area within the overall market (or an individual stock) where sellers might be a dominating factor. Resistance Stop Loss (Limit) Order – This order is useful when an investor wishes to buy or sell at a specific price level; this order combines both a stop and a limit order. The DCA “Up” strategy may require extra time and patience, but the payback is enormous when seeking certainty during NEUTRAL market environments.

Catalyst- As the specialist is in direct contact with the bidders and sellers of particular securities, it is their responsibility that enough interest exists for a particular stock such that a reasonable market exists. © 2020, Nasdaq, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A measurement of change in price over a period of time. Heavy Accumulation – The technical description of a stock’s chart formation which shows greater buying interest than selling interest. Newsletters/tipsites Required fields are marked *. A rise of over 20% usually determines a bull market. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A

Special Situation picks rarely appear, but when they do appear, they seem to always do very well! When establishing new GorillaPick positions, a buy stop is placed above “trigger prices” or after “Confirmation Day” breakouts. nodes[i].dataset.subscription : nodes[i].getAttribute('data-subscription'); if(status ==='true') {nodes[i].checked = true;}}};var nodes = document.querySelectorAll('#form1783 select[data-value]'); if (nodes) { for (var i = 0; i < nodes.length; i++) { var node = nodes[i]; var selectedValue = node.dataset ? This helps analysts identify which industries are performing better than others.

Blue chip Factors that affect the stock market Breakdown They argue that while this may not violate the wash sale rule, it could still be considered an indirect related party sale and the losses could nonetheless be disallowed. Is an analysis using stock chart patterns and indicators. Shares explained Since the majority of stocks will generally follow the market’s overall trend (3 out of 4), this very simple tool (DCA “Up”) may assist subscribers in reducing trade risk and preserving portfolio capital. Its significance is determined by the same factors governing a breakout. Here is a quick rundown: Stocks – Obviously, the common shares of one company are not “substantially identical” to the common shares of another company.

2) A GorillaPick must CLOSE higher than its trigger price. I would like to receive Nasdaq communications related to Products, Industry News and Events. It is an order to sell (or buy) a stock at or near a predetermined price. Read more here on the Return to Risk Ratio. Mutual Funds – Mutual fund sales are subject to the wash sale rule. How many times the share has been traded in the day. 3) Short one call to pay for the protective put Investors who use this type of strategy typically select a stock that they believe will appreciate in value over the time of the protective put, at a rate greater than the cost of the put. These companies have proven continued success and are found at the top of index’s i.e. With this type of order, a brokerage will not guarantee that the order will be executed if a stock trades at or through this preset price. Mutual Funds Moving Average Candlestick Oversold- The market conditions in which the volume of selling that has occurred is greater than the fundamentals justify. See tutorial on Risk Rating. Terms From A. Dollar Cost Averaging Up (DCA Up)- To purchase shares of the same security at successively higher prices, lessening the risk of investing a large amount in a single investment at the wrong time. Why do shares move up and down?


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