stock market vocabulary

Understanding the stock market can be a daunting task for any new investor. Historic volatility calculations involve analyzing a stock's (or index's) previous price action, while implied volatility is a metric that shows how volatile investors expect a security or index to be going forward. However, not everyone in the country thinks like you.

Experts and novice often use these terms to talk about strategies, stock market charts , indices and other elements of the stock market. Additionally, SEBI makes changes to existing rules if it seems fit to do so. When we say a company is listed on an exchange, we mean it is available for buying or selling on that exchange. NSE is newer and came into being in 1992. This stock market vocabulary worksheet is very simple and straightforward, and will help you to reinforce a lesson on understanding how to maneuver the stock exchange (links to …

The Glossary of financial and investing terms allows you search by term or browse by letter more than 8,000 terms and definitions related to the stock market. Index funds are less risky than most mutual funds and their expense ratio (fund management fee) is substantially less than mutual funds. Looking for NYSE terms + an answer key? For example, if you buy some shares of a company and sell them 13 months after buying them, making a profit of Rs one lac and fifty thousand, then 10% on Rs 50,000, which is Rs 5000 will be paid as LTCG tax when you file your income tax return (remember the tax is on whatever profit you earned above Rs 1 lac). It is a risky market where you bet on the price of these commodities hoping to earn a profit. Examples: SBI Nifty Index fund, HDFC Index fund – Sensex Plan, UTI Nifty Next 50 Index Fund. When you buy a mutual fund, your money is used to buy shares of different companies in the fund portfolio. A Trading account is required to trade (i.e. You can invest in the stock market directly by purchasing shares yourself or indirectly via mutual funds. Needless to say, market capitalization varies with the price of shares. In general, when major stock market indices such as nifty or Sensex are going down over a period of time, we say it is a bear market or the bears have taken over the market. Buys and sells stocks at different times. It is simply the highest and lowest price at which a stock has traded during the past 52 weeks. On the other hand, a beta of less than one implies a stock that is less reactive to overall market moves. Expanding your stock market vocabulary will enable you to be a better investor, so that you can trade successfully. Fundamental and technical analysis are two different approaches of studying companies. Stock Market Terms Speak the language of the stock market - consult our Stock Market Terms for a glossary of terms and vocabulary that may help you better understand the capital markets.

When the market is falling, large moves are certainly more common. And finally, a negative beta (which is quite rare) tells investors that a stock tends to move in the opposite direction of the S&P 500. There is less risk than buying individual stocks. They are online markets where sellers put up their products and us buyers buy them. If you look at a long-form stock quote through your brokerage, or through a financial news outlet, there's probably a metric known as beta listed somewhere in the quote information. A more specific definition of the word volatility when it comes to the stock market is how large the price movements of a stock or index have been (or are expected to be). Great! Examples of DIIs can be Reliance Capital, SBI Mutual funds, EPFO, etc. When FIIs are buying, the economic outlook is positive and vice versa. 3. As with anything else, mastering the stock market means mastering the lingo – and for traders, that can be a bit confusing at first. The CBOE Volatility Index, also known as the "volatility index," or simply "the VIX," is a measurement of the expected volatility in the market over the next 30 days. Lots of vocab inside Suppose the present price of gold is Rs 30,000 per 10 grams. Not only are there many concepts and technical terms to decipher, but nearly everybody will try to give you conflicting pieces of advice. If a stock is volatile, it means the short-term price movements of the stock are likely to be more dramatic than a stock of average volatility. So, here's a look at what volatility really means, as well as the most important volatility-related information investors should know.


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