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Tazz attacks Jerry Lawler, and gets whats coming to him - WWF Smacckdown! That was made from myself and the guys that I was fortunate enough to put me over by ECW.". Appearing as The Tazmaniac, he then made his only appearance ever in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) when he defeated Joey Maggs in a dark match at a Saturday Night taping in Atlanta, Georgia on February 8, 1993. He would go on to make two additional appearances on house shows in New Jersey on June 29 and June 30, losing to Jim Powers on each occasion. Legal wrangling by Paul Heyman prevented Awesome from taking the championship belt with him, and in a bizarre piece of professional wrestling history, ECW and WWF officials agreed to have Tazz, a WWF wrestler, make a surprise appearance at an ECW show to defeat Awesome, a WCW wrestler, for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. At that "big show", he guaranteed that Sabu would finally face him.

In the summer, after taking time off for an arm injury, he was turned into a villainous character and placed into a feud with color commentator Jerry Lawler.

Nicknamed  “The Most Miserable Man on the Planet,” by Styles, Tazz first debuted as the over-the-top Tazmaniac, but he evolved into a blunt shooter who warned ECW’s hardcore roster: “I don’t need weapons. He then dominated another series of matches with Van Dam before meeting Sabu at Barely Legal, where Taz defeated him with the Tazmission,[20] only to have his manager Bill Alfonso turn on him and join Sabu and his partner Rob Van Dam. Equipped with a rotten attitude and explosive power, Tazz disarmed opponents with martial arts throws and submissions, but it was his arsenal of suplexes that earned The One-Man Crime Spree his reputation as a dude you didn’t want to mess with. Senercia played high school football. As Ray and Brooke exchanged their vows, Taz interrupted the ceremony and proclaimed himself to be a member of Aces & Eights after revealing a kutte underneath his coat, turning heel again in the process.

Unfortunately for Taz, he debuted at a time when WWE wanted homemade Superstars at the top of the card. In the one-hour special hosted by Corey Graves, the guests talked about their experiences in ECW and the promotion's legacy on professional wrestling.

[57] Tazz is nicknamed the "Human Suplex Machine" due to his wide array of suplex variations he would utilise in matches. [1] In the early 1990s, as The Tazmaniac, he wrestled for International World Class Championship Wrestling (IWCCW) and held its Light Heavyweight Championship for six months in 1991. On October 12, 2019, Taz made a guest appearance for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he appeared on the October 22nd edition of AEW Dark as a guest commentator. [2] When that team broke up, he was put into another team with Kevin Sullivan, with whom he won the Tag Team Championship twice. [19] Heading into the summer, Taz began feuding with Tommy Dreamer, joining up with Brian Lee to face Dreamer and Terry Gordy and later Dreamer and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams. During Sabu's match, where he teamed with Rob Van Dam to face The Eliminators and The Gangstas in a three-way dance, Taz attempted to attack his former partner, but Van Dam saved Sabu and was choked out in the aisle. A-DUB LOCOTe 253,847 views
Taz successfully defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Tajiri at Hostile City Showdown, the Heat Wave pay-per-view and the September 3 episode of ECW on TNN. Two months later at Wrestlepalooza, Taz lost to Sabu in the rematch, marking his first loss since 1995. [55] Soon after, Taz would recruit Ricky Starks to create a group known as Team FTW along with Cage as they began feuding with Darby Allin. He held the title once more, this time with Sabu, until Sabu was legitimately fired by ECW owner Paul Heyman for no-showing an event in favor of touring Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

[61] In December 2019, Senercia announced he was leaving the show. This distraction caused Sabu to get hit with Total Elimination and his team lost. His WWE.com profile was moved from the active SmackDown roster list to the alumni list for a short time before being completely removed, confirming his departure from the company. Perry Saturn and Taz were both trainers at ECW's House of Hardcore wrestling school. He has a self designed tattoo on his left lower bicep. We live for those huge crowd reactions. Taz then successfully defended the title against Candido on the June 4 episode of Hardcore TV to end the rivalry. [27] Tazz held the title for ten days before losing it to Tommy Dreamer, during which time he wore it on various WWF shows, including an episode of SmackDown! Eastern. Taz would ultimately lose the title to Bam Bam Bigelow at Living Dangerously on March 1, 1998. At Victory Road, Senercia, under his Taz ring name, made his official Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) debut during Samoa Joe's match against Sting, revealing himself to be Joe's on-screen adviser and consequently a heel as well as an ally of the Main Event Mafia.

Let’s not ignore Kurt Angle, either. [1] In response, Taz began teaming with Chris Candido to face Sabu and Van Dam. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta l'11 feb 2020 alle 21:55. He stated that the original ECW worked because "It was that era, that group of people, that leader in Paul Heyman. [45], On the January 17, 2013 episode of Impact Wrestling, Taz was a groomsman at the wedding between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. [8][9] During his second reign as Tag Team Champion with Sullivan, The Tazmaniac became a double champion when he also won the Television Championship for one night in March 1994. [30] Lawler returned to the company on November 19, 2001 and resumed his place as commentator, with Tazz becoming both a wrestler and a commentator. A-DUB LOCOTe 253,847 views [38] Not long after he retired from the ring, he became a full-time broadcaster. [15], Wrestling as "The Tazmaniac", Senerchia debuted in the Philadelphia-based promotion Eastern Championship Wrestling (ECW) in October 1993 at NWA Bloodfest. When the Invasion angle began, Tazz acted as "the voice of the WCW/ECW Alliance", sticking up for them and speaking on their behalf whenever possible. [14] He would then make his second appearance in the WWF on May 5, 1993. [30] The feud included matches at SummerSlam[31] and Unforgiven, which they split. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. As soon as Taz heard the pop from the crowd when he first walked out to a WWE ring, he knew he was doomed. The Mood is about to Change .. Royal Rumble 2000. team in February 2001 after Jerry Lawler quit the company, after calling his first pay-per-view on No Way Out with Jim Ross, as well as becoming one of the trainers for the joint WWF/MTV produced reality series Tough Enough. He would begin his next rivalry with Chris Candido, whom he defeated to retain the title at CyberSlam. Taz demanded Sabu come out and face him, and twice even led the crowd in a "Sabu, Sabu" chant to get him to enter the ring. for World Wrestling Entertainment until a third brand, ECW, was introduced in 2006, at which point he became the color commentator for that show. Senercia also studied judo prior to entering the professional wrestling circuit, reaching a second-degree black belt.


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