unforgiven 1999 review

If the Dudleys had to lose, why have it be to a superkick from one of the weakest guys on the roster?

Ivory hit her with a pole and won in 3:37.

In a year that didn’t have a lot of great matches, this one is mostly forgotten (probably because of the Ladder match the following month). Val took a surprisingly rough bump into the steel steps, which was the high point of the match. See, the dogs had handlers keeping them away, so it defeated the purpose of them being there in the first place. All rights reserved.Click here for our privacy policy. They weren’t happy with comparisions to the Dudleys but get cut off by a ruckus behind them. Ivory jumped Luna backstage, kicking this off.

This was kind of just there.

The Acolytes17:13 Women's Championship: Ivory vs. Luna (Hardcore Match)21:08 Kennel From Hell: Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man24:50 Chris Jericho vs. X-Pac27:47 Six-Pack Challenge for the WWF Championship: Triple H vs. Mankind vs.

Val came out with Blackman’s bag of weapons, which he stole on Raw.

It’s an old school blue bar steel cage, surrounded by the Hell in a Cell and in between those are a bunch of dogs.

Christian cut him off with a reverse DDT, but out came the Hardy Boyz.

I mean, he made the right call. This was the second ever Unforgiven event. Chyna got a massive pop despite being aligned with top heel Triple H. 1999 was a weird time.

WWF Tag Team Championship: The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. Jarrett seemed to be going for a rana on that spot, which made no sense since it’s not a move he typically does. X-Pac stopped Hughes’ interference with a dive and got a near fall on a superplex.

Steve Austin was the special enforcer.

HHH betrayed Bulldog, hitting him with a Pedigree, and Mankind finally slapped Mr. Socko on the Rock.

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HHH nailed the Pedigree on the Rock and won his second WWF Title at 20:28.

Moolah and Mae were interviewed, when Ivory came up to them to brag about her win. Rock countered with a Rock Bottom to a big pop. Faarooq ate 3D as Stevie Richards arrived dressed as an Acolyte. Mark Henry got interviewed backstage and whispered something dirty in Lillian Garcia’s ear, so he got slapped for his troubles. She was always guilty of that. Big Show was interviewed backstage about the Undertaker’s whereabouts. I’m assuming a female flasher or something, since the male cheers turned to disappointed boos. The main event was a Six-Pack Challenge–a non-elimination match consisting of six wrestlers for the vacant WWF Championship.

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Jericho countered a rana with a double powerbomb that Pac survived.

About a month prior, Steve Austin dropped the WWF Title to … A brawl started this, as you’d expect. Short words from Steve Austin backstage, who promised there would be a new WWF Champion tonight. Jarrett came back with a double clothesline that was one of the funniest spots you’ll ever see. Referee Jim Korderas crossed the picket line and officiated this one. Jarrett also whiffed on a standing dropkick that looked bad.

Austin had a title shot guaranteed from Vince McMahon, so HHH/Austin was set for the next PPV. Her punches were particularly bad. They countered each other’s finishers before a ref bump. Chyna covered for the three.

It was a great AE main event style match, intertwining several storylines and bringing a high entertainment value. WWF Unforgiven 1999 September 26th, 1999 | Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina | Attendance: 15,779. It was nice to Jericho go deep into his moveset, using stuff he dropped over the following year. Crazy to think that was still being sold as a big deal 16 years later. The Acolytes beat up Stevie after the match.

More backstage fluff, as Mankind was interviewed about being against his best friend the Rock tonight. Unforgiven was the second Unforgiven professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by World Wrestling Federation. The striking referees came down for a closer look. Mankind did everything to avoid fighting the Rock, and they even busted out some tandem offense. Lawler made me laugh with a few jokes about Moolah and Mae.

He countered ten corner punches into a powerbomb before winning the title with the Lo Down at 9:11.

[***]. They did a big of fighting up top, but it went nowhere. Lots of meaningless brawling to fill time. [***¼], WWF Championship Six Pack Challenge: Big Show vs. British Bulldog vs. Kane vs. Mankind vs. He also busted out a goddamn tope. Please help us serve you better, fill out our survey.

This was a wreck.

Triple H Debra came out, knocked down Miss Kitty and broke the guitar over Jarrett’s head. Still, Billy’s hot tag got quite the pop. The referees striking outside was shown. September 26th, 1999 | Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina | Attendance: 15,779. Hughes got in a cheap shot that referee Pritchard missed.

Post-match, Val pulled out a kendo stick, but Blackman kicked his ass with it. Oh, Attitude Era. From there, everyone got a turn, with Triple H being the favorite punching of everyone not named Bulldog. British Bulldog and Triple H were interviewed about their new alliance. The Kennel from Hell is the only stain on the second half and it’s historically bad. Henry tried weaseling out of the match by saying Lillian’s slap gave him a “braineruism.” Yup. Big Show chokeslammed Mankind and had it won, only for the striking refs to pull Korderas out and stomp him out. He didn’t care because tonight is about him. Unforgiven 1999 by J.D. Dogg took the heat, though E&C’s offense wasn’t quite heel enough to garner a great amount of sympathy. Instead, Triple H lost the title to Vince McMahon on Smackdown. Hughes jumped in for the cheap DQ finish at 13:04. Austin got up from commentary and kicked their asses for it. Both teams are face, but the Outlaws are too over after their recent reunion, so E&C played the heels. It literally added nothing. Chyna took a PHONY looking steel step bump. Triple H snatched the WWF Title from Steve Austin, so he got a Stunner for his troubles.

This was that lull for the tag division where the popular Outlaws dominated for the better part of two years before E&C, the Dudleys and Hardys saved the division in 2000.


Tori, who was feuding with Ivory, got involved but failed to save Luna. Good back and forth stuff until the lame finish. Slight thumbs up, which didn’t happen often in 1999. Nothing ever came from this from what I recall. Shave a few minutes off Henry’s heat segment and this would be better. People’s Elbow hit, but Show pulled the referee out.

Rock started with Bulldog, pissed about what went down on Smackdown.

Jarrett hilariously attacked them on a recent Smackdown. The Acolytes vs.

Bulldog whacked Rock with a chair and went to do the same to HHH, but Austin took the chair from him and hit him. With Russo on his way out, D-Lo’s push would disappear, despite him putting in quite the effort here. He got a cheap pop for the Rock n’ Sock Connection before saying he’d beat the Rock if he had to. [**½]. WWF Unforgiven 1999 Review | Wrestling With Wregret - YouTube BUT WAIT! [DUD]. The former partners split because good guy D-Lo tried helping Henry lose weight so he wouldn’t have a heart attack. Blackman got in BB’s face, causing head of security Jim Dotson to tackle him. The Money Shot finished this (doesn’t it always) at 6:33. They got in cheap shots behind the referee’s back, allowing Billy to hit the Fameasser to retain at 11:07. Best match so far, though not anywhere near the levels the division would reach soon. Jeff Jarrett, who Henry helped, gifted him the European Title. Venis/Blackman, the European and Women’s Titles, and Acolytes/Dudleys didn’t do anything for me. WWF Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Jarrett (c) w/ Miss Kitty vs. Chyna

Val taunted over Blackman and ate a spinebuster, but got back on the offensive quickly.


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