waggoner ranch

Waggoner acquired more land. [6] Specifically, this went to Albert Buckman Wharton, Jr., also known as Buster Wharton, who was Electra Waggoner's son, and Electra Waggoner Biggs, who was E. Paul Waggoner's daughter. [8] The ranch spanned more than a million acres of land. [6] Specifically, this went to Albert Buckman Wharton, Jr., also known as Buster Wharton, who was Electra Waggoner's son, and Electra Waggoner Biggs, who was E. Paul Waggoner's daughter.
For years the area around the Sachueista headquarters contained one of the major shallow oilfields of the world, which was developed by the Texas Company (later Texaco). These lakes typically cover from over 1,000 surface acres to as much as 16,000 surface acres each.

A In 1923 the property was merged into the Waggoners' estate which, after the death of Tom Waggoner in 1934, was left to the management of a trustee and a board of directors.

In the Ranch Horse competition Waggoner Ranch won the Junior division with Garrett Cooper riding our stallion Wanna Be A Pepto. [6] It has about 14,000 cows and bulls as well as 500 horses. In 1903 the China Creek headquarters was sold as farming land in a development known as the Waggoner Colony. Late that year they wintered a herd in Clay County and in the spring of 1870 drove it to the Kansas market, netting a profit of $55,000, which was the basis of their ranch fortune. In 1885 the need for more grassland prompted them to lease 650,000 acres of range land in the "Big Pasture," part of the Comanche and Kiowa reservation lands across the Red River in Indian Territory. [8] Although it still spans six counties, it is primarily centered on Wichita County and Wilbarger County.

More served as first manager of the estate until his death in 1941. [6][11] E. Paul Waggoner raised Quarter Horses on the ranch. It is important to record their lives before they shut the gate behind them the last time. Throughout the 165 year ownership, no commercial hunting has ever been allowed. At the time of acquisition, the ranch comprised 520,527 acres (210,650 ha), or 800 sq mi (2,100 km2) but additional acreage was included in the sale making the total closer to 535,000 acres (217,000 ha). [3] It spans six counties[3][6] and is half as large as Rhode Island. [5], The ranch is located west of Wichita Falls, Texas, south of Vernon, near the Red River. Headquarters returned temporarily to Cactus Hill in Wise County, but the Wichita and Wilbarger land eventually was broken into at least four divisions with headquarters known as White Face, Four Corners, Santa Rosa, and Sachueista.
The Santa Rosa Rodeo was an annual event in Wilbarger County. The Handbook of Texas is free-to-use thanks to the support of readers like you. It was acquired by Stan Kroenke, who is married to Ann Walton (niece of Sam Walton), in Febr… Paying about $1 an acre, the Waggoners slowly built their cattle and horse empire. Bobby Daniel, Waggoner cowboy from 1965-2016, herds cattle. By all rights the Waggoner Ranch ought to be the equal of the King Ranch in Texas lore. [6] Other towns nearby include Electra and Seymour. [11], The ranch has been surveyed by the United States Department of Agriculture for matters of preservation. The Waggoner Ranch is almost as old as Texas. The Waggoner (Three D) Ranch had its beginnings in the early 1850s when Daniel Waggoner and a fifteen-year-old black slave trailed 242 longhorn cattle and six horses into Wise County. At the time of acquisition, the ranch comprised 520,527 acres (210,650 ha), or 800 sq mi (2,100 km2) but additional acreage was included in the sale making the total closer to 535,000 acres (217,000 ha).

Approximately 41.67% of the entire mineral estate will convey with the property. Dorothy Abbott McCoy, Texas Ranchmen (Austin: Eakin Press, 1987). The land alone was valued at $110 million, and with the assets added, the estate was estimated at a value of about $330 million. The W.T. Approximately 30,000 acres are currently in cultivation, and many thousands of additional acres are suitable to be farmed. In 1994 the ranch remained in the hands of Willingham and Wharton. Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch documents the 26 cow camp cowboys working the Waggoner in 2015 before the ranch sold. The two men were said to have differed over how to protect the family fortune against low energy prices and land values. At the end of the 19th century, Dan Waggoner’s land holdings spanned nearly 1,000,000 acres. Published by the Texas State Historical Association. The potential breakup of the ranch caused worries among the 12,000 residents of Vernon, where the ranch was one of the biggest employers. It has been owned by the same family since 1849 and is a diverse ranching operation running thousands of cattle, almost 30,000 acres of farmland, substantial oil operation, nationally known horse program and recreation opportunities from wildlife and large lakes. Font size: [9] It also includes 30,000 acres of arable land and about 1,100 producing oil wells. It would later become the W.T.

Since 1917 the stock has been predominantly Hereford, although experimental crossbreeding programs with Angus, Brahman, Simbrah, and Brangus bulls have occurred in recent years.


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