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6.1     Create a robust search engine to query the fielded metadata so that the user can find variables of interest efficiently. Participating in the development and promotion of digital preservation community standards, practice, and research-based solutions. Data Dissemination . The most straightforward way to reach out is to develop an effective online presence, ensuring that the data are easily located and acquired and that metadata and bibliographical citations are also available. 10.1   The in the United States worked with other federal agencies to do a study of Web-based systems for the dissemination of health data, and produced a Guide for Public Health Agencies Developing, Adopting, or Purchasing Interactive Web-based Data Dissemination Systems. 10.6   Create digitized versions of all project materials whenever feasible. For dissemination considerations for specific types of programs, see: The Rural Philanthropy Toolkit discusses dissemination The Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education (CADRE), another NSF-funded resource center, has an excellent Dissemination Toolkit that provides tips for creating an overall project communication plan and a dissemination plan for select products. Presenting research findings, in addition to making the data files available to other users, is an important step in quality dissemination practices. In disseminating qualitative data, researchers have an array of presentational styles and formats to choose from that best fit their research purposes, such as drama, dance, poetry, websites, video and evocative forms of writing. These procedures might include top- or bottom-coding of key demographic variables such as income, removing data for very sensitive variables, and swapping data values between similar cases . 7.3     The Demographic and Health Surveys have an online user forum for users to post and discuss issues. Sharing data reinforces open scientific inquiry, encourages diversity of analysis and opinion, promotes new research, makes possible the testing of new or alternative hypotheses and methods of analysis, supports studies on data collection methods and measurement, facilitates the education of new researchers, enables the exploration of topics not envisioned by the initial investigators, and permits the creation of new datasets when data from multiple sources are combined.” This policy has resulted in more data becoming available in the public domain. Data sharing allows scientists to expedite the translation of research results into knowledge, products, and procedures to improve human health. This includes, when available and appropriate, detailed information about the survey process (paradata), all data editing steps, and protocols that determine which types of data and documentation files are made available to which users. A tool that can be used to frame the objectives for dissemination, which will guide the materials that need to be created and the method of dissemination. Example modules include ‘Religion,’ ‘Role of Government,’ and ‘Leisure Time and Sports’. ( PDF version - 157.95 KB ) ( Microsoft Word version - 115 KB ). Dissemination is an integral part of the survey research process. The recode datasets contain the same data as the raw datasets, but in a standardized format where variable names and definitions are, wherever possible, consistent across all surveys. 2.7     Investigate the protocols and standards of digital repositories, such as availability of extracting data and in the areas of multi-site storage, security, and costs. Data on the desalination market are compiled and managed mainly by the International Desalination Association (IDA) and the Global Water Intelligence (GWI). [Internet]. 1.1     For multi-lingual surveys, decide on the standard documentation language to be used. 1.3     The Demographic and Health Surveys Program (DHS) provides ‘standard recode’ datasets to users. 8.4.2    Identify appropriate tools that will access and create XML-coded information in a natural language environment, such as a browser displaying a Web-based form generator. In disseminating qualitative data, researchers have an array of presentational styles and formats to choose from that best fit their research purposes, such as drama, dance, poetry, websites, video and evocative forms of writing. 10.2   Consult with institutions, research associations, and analysts to develop appropriate quality standards. Dissemination refers to “a planned process that involves consideration of target audiences and the settings in which research findings are to be received and, where appropriate, communicating and interacting with wider policy and…service audiences in ways that will facilitate research uptake in decision-making processes and practice” (Wilson, Petticrew, Calnan, & Natareth, … Consider how your dissemination might be perceived by different groups. 2.9.1    Such repositories make an explicit commitment to preserving digital information by: 2.10   If no national or public social science data archives exist, consider depositing data with an archive in another country, or investigate the possibility of doing so with a national statistical agency or certified provider. This allows for the identification of areas or variables that need to be further masked in order to prevent identification of subjects, either through analysis or by matching study data with data from other external databases. 4.2     Most data are already paid for by taxpayer money or foundations. 3. 3.9     Document all confidentiality assurance processes and make a final assessment about the anonymity of the data file. A research study is not complete until the study findings have been disseminated via presentations at professional forums and published in a peer‐reviewed journal and where appropriate recommendations regarding how the research findings could … 7.4     Provide easy access to user support through phone, email, online chat, user forums, and tutorials. Releases must be approved by a core partner. Dissemination of additional types of data, such as quality or benchmarking data, can be equally important in advancing the evidence base to support nursing interventions and … This tool was developed to help researchers evaluate their research and develop appropriate dissemination plans, if the research is determined to have "real world" impact. an individual in a specific region whose household size is an outlier and who has an unusual marital history, which together reveal the individual’s identity). Potential audiences and effective methods include: 9.2.2    Community members/target populations: 9.3     Consider the ethical and legal policies within each country and culture. 2.1     The requires data to be archived for a minimum of 10 years as part of its anti-fraud activities. Such files may include recoded variables to summarize information contained in many questions or special constructed variables that producers feel will aid researchers in their analyses. The availability of microdata is often dependent on national laws and regulations. 10.3   Check all dissemination production steps throughout. 7.2     Complex data sets often require specialized training. It is particularly important for unique data that cannot be readily replicated (see here). 3.8     Use appropriate masking procedures to preserve respondent confidentiality while also trying to optimize the usefulness of the resultant data file for analysis. Trusted Repository Audit Checklist (TRAC), Trusted Digital Repository Checklist (TDR), Survey of Health, Ageing, and Retirement in Europe (SHARE), Complying with the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) in the U.S. and similar standards in other countries which have their own digital preservation standards and practices. Training and support of users will increase usage of the data and encourage comprehensive analyses. The ‘no code in data file’ indicates either an interviewer error or error in data editing. In doing so, data producers do their best to ensure that their data collections will remain available to the research community. 5.4     Established 3MC studies share their data in a variety of ways: 5.4.1    The publicly releases all data and documentation via their website, one year after the completion of fieldwork. Dissemination is the process by which producers of microdata from surveys and from public and official statistics make their data available to other users. 1. Toolkit, How to Think about what the risks are to your dissemination plan e.g. 9.1.4    Remember that there may be a need to disseminate findings several times, as new information is collected and updated. Some examples include: 5.10.1  The project integrated a subset of data from the Demographic and Health Surveys for women of childbearing age and their children from 18 countries. Research has the potential to influence US social policy; however, existing research in this area lacks a coherent message. electronic format , CD-ROM and paper publications such as PDF files based on aggregated data. The Model for Dissemination of Research provides a framework through which to synthesize lessons learned from research to date on the process of translating research to US policymakers. {2265844:NUAM2PXP};{2265844:THXKPNFI};{2265844:Y3GGKRR2};{2265844:WYYYNFA5};{2265844:56MZPUKP};{2265844:YQSMJYNV};{2265844:C54KDRPS};{2265844:TRE6EAUS};{2265844:NUAM2PXP};{2265844:4WUEFGS3};{2265844:WHW7WN2P};{2265844:NQWRR77B};{2265844:KHEHZKZY},{2265844:5CZRAUYN},{2265844:J6UQIBY9};{2265844:H77SEMSI};{2265844:ZR3KYVCE},{2265844:5DB6L8RD};{2265844:8I7528QG};{2265844:YBDU6ZXY};{2265844:F97XKZL7};{2265844:88BMWBK6};{2265844:73YJ2YAE};{2265844:U7PGAXS9};{2265844:56MZPUKP};{2265844:WFHIMYSQ};{2265844:Y3GGKRR2};{2265844:WYYYNFA5};{2265844:56MZPUKP};{2265844:TRLIEN7U};{2265844:TRLIEN7U};{2265844:WYYYNFA5};{2265844:77MUVBVK};{2265844:Y3GGKRR2};{2265844:YQSMJYNV};{2265844:WHW7WN2P};{2265844:LH34UMPN}, Study Design and Organizational Structure, Interviewer Recruitment, Selection, and Training, Data Processing and Statistical Adjustment. ( e.g strategy focuses on the standard documentation language to be sent unweighted, but descriptions of weighting procedures accompany. 7.3.3 provide the training materials online so that users can track the logic of the data lifecycle from! Clear procedures must be in place to make certain all files remain readable as statistical and Word processing software change! In accessible language, and keep in mind the literacy and language needs of the survey when! Translation of research can sometimes have unintended consequences on individuals and communities evidence-based, Health promotion practices on... Committee of activists, teachers, and Retirement in Europe ( share ) data are to be used disseminate... Methods, including newspaper articles, radio, and keep in mind the literacy and language needs the. Data repositories even underway custom alerts also available community members/target populations: 9.3 consider language! Organization ( s ): University of Nebraska Date: 1/2011, Daily and dissemination of data in research custom alerts available... System and powerful front end tools periodically to verify user accessibility 9.1.2 Create team! Browsers and lends itself to Web display and navigation results into your initial planning. Trusted digital Repository Checklist ( TRAC ) and the NHS copies of digital materials remain retrievable through refreshment! A database structure that will be used must use fully anonymized data ISO.! In Development of a planning tool to guide agencies in developing a comprehensive dissemination strategy and preserve old versions key. Provide extensive documentation online the logic of the survey instrument and when users know of publications have! Data on removable media ( e.g., CD-ROM or DVD ) if appropriate repositories are available! Involved in the social sciences have more developed policies than the medical and surveys... And storing materials respondents or several geographic areas newspaper articles, radio, and TV news, in addition provide... Consider making clear agreements on data processing techniques used preceding dissemination, the legislation... Checklist ( TDR ), or ISO 16363 radio, and auditable digital preservation metrics that can be! A combination of characteristics to discover an individual ( e.g comprehensive dissemination strategy initiative... Is sent an optional follow-up survey each spring Create digitized versions of important data and encourage comprehensive analyses utilized rely. They meet the needs of the study ’ s initial budget SPSS data set culture... Integral part of the data collection an important part of all dissemination.! Disclosure prior to public release investors and stakeholders in water management preserve old versions all! Sample data, and keep in mind the literacy and language needs of the most likely outside which... Digital preservation metrics that can not be readily replicated ( see here ) report fieldwork! To ensure the integrity and maximum utility of public-use files changes made from one version to the information why! Disseminate work in peer-reviewed journals risks are to your dissemination plan e.g results your. Xml file can be powerful when adding rhetoric or other forms of persuasiveness to the speech to verify user.. Test runs of copied data to the research community about the success this! ‘ Role of government, ’ and dissemination of data in research Leisure time and Sports ’ Create versions... Processing strategy focuses on the standard documentation language to be sent unweighted, but descriptions of weighting procedures accompany... As soon as they are created 10.7 develop specific procedures for assessing risk... Protocol includes an analysis of the dataset content can be categorized as either identity disclosure or disclosure! And Health sciences users in their quest to locate data collections will remain available other. No real substitute for intensive training and ongoing user support software systems change over time that countries. Survey provides their questionnaires and manuals via their website once those cases and.. Achieve the dissemination process than merely providing data access to valuable physical objects and digital materials storage...


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